The Roots of Obama’s Rage Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Roots of Obama's Rage

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Critics of President Obama have attacked him as a socialist, an African American radical, and a big-government liberal. But somehow the critics have failed to understand what's truly driving Barack Obama. Now bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza throws out these misplaced attacks in his new book, The Roots of Obama's Rage.



  • The Roots of Obama’s Rage is without a doubt one of the most outstanding books I've come across that delves into the mind of a president. If you're genuinely curious about what makes your president tick, then this is an absolute must-read. I used to be perplexed by some of Obama's actions, but now I finally have the answers. Moreover, this book sheds light on the dire need for us to regain control over our government, which has spiraled out of control. It's high time that responsible individuals, like us Americans, step up and play the role of parents, considering that the US government has essentially been under the influence of children for nearly 110 years. And now, the biggest culprits of irresponsibility are the ones in charge. All in all, this book is truly excellent!
  • This audiobook offers a mind-blowing examination of "Dreams of My Father" and delves deep into the personality of Barack Hussein Obama. It's an awesome audio experience that provides a thorough analysis.
  • This audiobook is a must-listen if you want to grasp the underlying reasons behind Obama's actions and choices as both the US president and a global negotiator. It provides essential insights that shed light on his motives and the path he took.
  • As a Canadian, I pay close attention to US politics, just like any average American. Although I didn't support Obama due to his policies, my opposition was somewhat subdued by my own sense of "white guilt". While I didn't want Obama to win, I wasn't overly upset since his election marked a historic moment, with an African American becoming the President of the most powerful country in the world at that time. However, my worst fears have come true as I've witnessed his policies gradually and increasingly erode both the financial and political power that the US once held supreme in the world. This outcome was perhaps inevitable given the track record of past governments, both Democrat and Republican, but it has been expedited under President Obama. Dinesh D'Sousa's book sheds light on who President Obama is and how he came to be that way. While I understand that his character is more complex than what is portrayed in the book, as all of us are, it provides insights into a figure who emerged onto the political scene as a virtual unknown. Although Mr. D'Sousa's conservative values are evident, especially when he outlines what Obama should have done, the true value of the book lies in his theories on why Obama has made the choices he has. It's well-written and captivating.
  • I couldn't make it through the first chapter! The author boldly presumes to understand the sentiments and desires of Black individuals when it comes to their relationship with the government. I must express my gratitude to him for offering his enlightening perspective to me and other Black Americans about our desires from the government.
  • Dinesh D'Souza has extensively studied Barack Obama, aiming to unravel the motivations behind the enigmatic president. While it may seem like Obama is striving for socialist equality on the surface, D'Souza delves deeper and concludes that Obama's driving force is an obsession with anti-colonialism. I found the analysis of Obama intriguing and definitely worth a read. A significant portion of "The Roots of Obama's Rage" consists of D'Souza summarizing his own views on economics and foreign policy. This serves as a critique of Obama's misguided ideas. Personally, I appreciate reading D'Souza's opinions as I generally find them to be accurate. However, it seems that his objective is to persuade individuals that socialism and appeasement are flawed policies. In my experience, though, proponents of socialism and appeasement tend to resist logical arguments. On a positive note, the narration in the audiobook is superb.
  • Dinesh's book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage," is a tremendous read. He skillfully reveals the true identity of Barack Obama and all the information he presents can be verified. It comes highly recommended for conservatives. All I can say is that Obama deceived the entire nation, and this book is a must-read to truly understand the roots of his anger, which can be traced back to his father. He started as Obama #1 during his presidential campaign and transformed into Obama #2 once he took office. Seriously, you need to get your hands on this book and give it a listen.
  • This book is heavily biased and lacks rationality, while also being inflammatory as the author tries to present themselves as a political expert. It is evident that the author is a white male who attempts to appear more credible by publishing the book under the guise of a minority. The main argument of the book is that Obama possesses anti-colonial tendencies, which essentially means having reservations about one group imposing their will on another. However, the author portrays this principle in a negative light, making weak connections at best and resorting to blatant irrationality at worst. They even criticize Obama's admiration for his father during his childhood. Overall, this book is not recommended for those seeking to learn about Obama or politics in general.
  • What utter garbage, the author projects the image of Barak Obama as a socialist hell bent on punishing rich and then to prove his point find pieces of statements from speeches, without context of course, otherwise it will ruin his projection of Barak Obama, and displays them for all to see. First bashing president for meddling in the banking industry and then lambasting him for not taking care of oil spill. So when banking industry brings whole country to its knees, president should not be concerned, but when oil spill happens as in case of BP, he should get on the submarine himself and save our country from oil disaster created by oil companies. I stopped listening after two hours, could not take any more of this nonsense. .