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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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The Secret Audiobook by Rhonda Byrne is a best-selling self-help book published in the year 2006. Rhonda Bryne’s daughter gifted her a book “The Science of Getting Rich” during her struggling phase in life. Bryne found the ideas in the book were at loggerheads to her own ideas. However, she implemented those ideas and her life transformed. She felt that the secret which she learned should be revealed to the people on a wider scale. Thus she came up with the idea of writing her best seller book The Secret.

Bryne discusses the law of attraction. She says that whatever one puts the focus on and attention in their life becomes a reality in their life. People attract things and people of a similar vibration as themselves. She goes on to say that the universe is a collection of energy vibrating at a particular frequency and each person has their unique frequency.

The frequency of each person is a direct result of their thoughts and feelings. She draws the analogy of human beings as a transmission tower emitting frequencies of their respective thoughts out to the universe. Once a person changes their frequency, they can attract different people and circumstances in their lives. Bryne also says that the law of attraction works even if one does not know about it or believe in it.

The author provides a history of the law of attraction and substantiates it with examples of how it has worked in the life of different people. This makes the book an interesting and informative read.


The Secret Audiobook by Rhonda Byrne was a successful book and it was in multiple worldwide bestselling lists. It is a simple and yet empowering book that motivates people to change their conditions even if the outlook seems bleak and gloomy.

The author pushes the readers to visualize what they want from life so that they can attract the same. It helps the readers attain and maintain a better frame of mind and be motivated to achieve what they desire in life. The book is a good read which can help the readers realize their goals and not feel too disturbed or stressed about doing the same.

Many readers consider the book and its teachings as life-changing. They have found that their stress and anxiety reduced significantly and they had more control and inner peace in their lives after reading the book. This is a recommended read for people trying to transform their lives for good.

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