The Templar Legacy Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry

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New York Times BESTSELLER -- 'Exciting... hard to put down without reading one more page.' - The Florida Times-Union



  • This book is so dull! There is an excessive amount of conversation, and the premise is just not believable. According to the story, the Knights Templar became wealthy because they had knowledge that the Gospels were false and that the Catholic Church was deceitful. To avoid exposing this shocking truth, the Church collaborated with them. Throughout the centuries, countless individuals had to remain silent. In the plot, the most accurate account of Jesus was found in the Gospel of Thomas, an Egyptian Gnostic writing. Additionally, the Templars possessed the real gospel of Peter, which stated that Jesus was a good man who died on a cross and was buried in a humble grave. Six months later, Peter supposedly dug up Jesus' bones and placed them in an ossuary, which the Templars possessed. Peter then established the Church based on the belief that if you have faith in Jesus and follow his teachings, you become a child of God. Over time, this simple teaching became exaggerated. The main characters in the book decide to withhold this astonishing information from the world because people are content with the falsehood they believe to be true, so there's no need to create chaos. It's absolutely ridiculous! The author attempts to blend academia with storytelling, but fails in both aspects.
  • The Templar Legacy is an audiobook that disappointingly tries to capitalize on the popular trend of religious conspiracy stories. It becomes especially frustrating as the author falls into the typical trap that truly irks me - displaying an overwhelming affection for the main character. This protagonist is portrayed as a multi-talented individual, with a love for books, a secret agent, lawyer, and military personnel, among other things. However, it is disheartening to note that despite these impressive qualities, the character fails to deliver anything even remotely captivating. It is a glaring example of an author who is unable to match the standards set by their own creation.
  • If you're open to using your imagination, "The Templar Legacy" offers a believable storyline that many readers found enjoyable. The characters and overall plot were particularly well-received.