The Three-Body Problem Audiobook by Cixin Liu [Free Download]

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The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

The readers can download The Three-Body Problem Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Three-Body Problem is an audiobook by the Chinese author Cixin Liu, this book makes the first in the trilogy called “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” but in Chine, the readers use the name of this audiobook to refer to the whole saga. The title itself makes reference to the Three-Body Problem in orbital mechanics.

The piece has been serialized in 2006 in Science Fiction World, then, published as a book in 2008. It quickly became one of the most popular sci-fi novels in China where it received the “Galaxy Award” or the Chinese Science Fiction Yinhe Award; by the year 2006.

It is known that a film adaptation of the audiobook is being made at the moment.

It has been awarded many times after it was translated into English in 2014 by Ken Liu and published by Tor Books. It won the Hugo Award as best novel in the year 2015 and was nominated for the Nebula award for the best novel of the year 2014.


Liu Cixin is one of the engineers of the power plant in nearby Shanxi Province and since it was temporarily shut down in order to reduce air pollution, Cixin has focused his free time in fulfilling his hobby which consists in writing ci-fi novels, and became China’s Best Seller Sci-Fi novelist.

Mr. Lui at the age of 51 now is currently working on a new novel as well as advising on screenplay adaptation of his previous novel while, at the same time, he is promoting the English translation of The Three-Body Problem which is the first novel of his best-selling apocalyptic space opera trilogy. It is one of the first sci-fi novels to be translated into English, in this case it was done by Ken Liu who is another bestselling novelist and which is not related to.

Liu Cixin is the best-selling sci-fi author in decades due to the fact that his trilogy has sold around 500,000 copies each one in original Chinese language.

Chinese high-school students are not the only ones who have embraced this trilogy since the aerospace as well as the internet industry have greatly praised it. This trilogy helped the genre come back in Chine since it had been marginalized for the last years.

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