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The Walking Drum

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Louis L'Amour has been best known for his ability to capture the spirit and drama of the authentic American West. Now he guides his readers to an even more distant frontier-the enthralling lands of the twelfth century.



  • This book was a real snoozefest, man. I had it playing during this super long road trip I was on, and I swear it nearly knocked me out. I mean, I listened to like three-quarters of the book and the story was just dragging on and on with no end in sight. I eventually threw in the towel, but don't get me wrong, I usually dig most of his other books.
  • I've revisited this story multiple times in the past five years, maybe even four times. That's how captivating it is. Most of the history we're taught in school, even college, tends to focus on Europe or America. But this exceptionally well-crafted tale takes us back to a time when the Arab world thrived while Europe emerged from the shadows. The thrilling adventure unfolds across Northern Africa, Europe, and even Ukraine, a thousand years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Trust me, the writing style, narration, and audio are all top-notch. Adding this gem to your library will be a decision you won't regret.
  • This book is absolutely fantastic! I'm a huge fan of Louis L'Amour, especially when he ventures beyond his usual genre. It's remarkable how meticulously he researches his books, transporting you to the setting and immersing you completely.
  • I'm writing this review without even listening because this book is one of the best fiction novels ever written, Many people discount Louis L'Amour because of his western short books, but he is so factual an informative in his novels, Louis is an wonderful read and is easy to get lost in the moments!!!!