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The First Law

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At last recovered from a near-fatal gunshot wound, Lieutenant Abe Glitsky is back at work. But instead of returning to his old job as chief of homicide detail, he's assigned a desk job in the payroll department, where he has no business investigating murders - until his father's closest friend is shot dead in a downtown pawn shop. Glitsky asks the new homicide lieutenant about the case, but the brass tells him to stay out of it. Guided by the Patrol Special - a private police force supervised by the SFPD that is a holdover from San Francisco's vigilante past - the police have already targeted their prime suspect: John Holiday, proprietor of a run-down local bar, and a friend and client of Dismas Hardy. Hardy has ample reason to doubt both his client's guilt and the evidence conveniently stacked against him. Hardy turns to Glitsky for help, but when Holiday is implicated in the grisly killings of two more men, their pleas fall on hostile ears. To avoid arrest, Holiday turns fugitive, and the police believe three things: that Hardy's a liar protecting Holiday, that Holiday is a cold-blooded killer, and that Glitsky's a bad cop on the wrong side of the law. And as the deadly pursuit for a murderer intensifies, Hardy, Glitsky, and even their families are directly threatened by the forces that want to see Holiday brought down. Cut off from the system that they both served, denied justice from the corridors of power, and increasingly isolated at every turn, Hardy and Glitsky face their darkest hour. For when the law that is meant to shield and protect those closest to them fails, they must look to another, more primal law in order to survive...



  • Whenever I find myself unsure of which series to dive into next, I always find myself returning to the First Law. I recall initially finding the first book a tad slow, but by the end, it completely engrossed me. Now that I'm older, I appreciate and savor all the intricate details woven into the captivating cast of characters. This is a world that I am constantly recommending to others. Recently, I've been let down by other fantasy series I've attempted to start, leading me back to the world that never fails to keep my love for the genre alive. Speaking of the performance, I've gone as far as buying books that I didn't think would spark my interest simply because Steven Pacey was the narrator. Let me tell you, Steven Pacey is an absolute master.
  • This series, 'The First Law', has got it all - toughness, comedy, violence, cleverness, creativity, remarkable characters, touches of steamy love, and genuine suffering that hits you in the gut - both physically and emotionally. I'm seriously counting down the days until I can get my hands on books 2 and 3!
  • What makes this book captivating is mainly the intricate portrayal of its characters. It is filled with a cast of unconventional heroes, which gives it a contemporary feel. Personally, my favorite character is San Dan Glokta, a former renowned fencer whose experience of torture during war left him physically impaired. The way his cynicism and sorrow are interwoven into his persona is remarkably well-executed. However, it should be noted that the book falls short when it comes to female protagonists. Only half of them make an appearance, and they are not the central focus of the story. In this regard, the book lacks the inclusion of compelling female characters, which is a modern expectation. Hopefully, the character Pharoah will gain more prominence in subsequent books. In terms of the story, each event is enjoyable. However, there were moments when I found myself wondering where the book was heading. Eventually, it becomes apparent that the plot is gradually building up to a grand scheme that will likely unfold in the next two books. In conclusion, I highly recommend reading this book for its exceptionally well-crafted characters, which are arguably among the finest in the realm of epic fantasy.
  • This by FAR was the best book of the D. Hardy dowries series yet.... Heart breaking of the loss of great characters but wow... Spectacular writing. And the narration was at first hard to get used to because I have a comfort with with Colacci.... But he did a fine job!
  • Another great book in the Dismiss Hardy series. I have not read them in order so each book I have to figure out is it before or after the last book I read. This book was a bit different than the others I have read. No court room drama but presents an ethical problem for each of the main character of the story. Story has lots of action and moves right along. If you were reading it would be called a "page turner".