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The Wandering Hill

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In The Wandering Hill, Larry McMurtry continues the story of Tasmin Berrybender and her family in the still unexplored Wild West of the 1830s, at the point in time when the Mountain Men and trappers, like Jim Bridger and Kit Carson (both lively characters in the book), though still alive, are already legendary figures, when the journey of Lewis and Clark is still a living memory, while the painter George Catlin is at work capturing the Mandan tribes just before they are eliminated by smallpox and the incursion of the white man, and when the clash between the powerful Indian tribes of the Missouri and the encroaching white Americans is about to turn into full-blown tragedy.



  • I enjoyed this book well enough. It is the second book in the series and it's interesting to see what's going to happen next. The first book starts out with so many characters and now I see why. People die left and right and in strange ways too. I still don't quite get the the significance of the Wandering Hill yet. But maybe they will explain that more in the next book which I fully intend to read. It's not the best book I have ever listened to but it wasn't a waste of time either. I wouldn't bother though if you do not intend to read all the books because they are very open ended.
  • This is the second of McMurtry's series starring the tedious, cloying,silly Berrybender family. I read the last one first; so I can save you the trouble. McMurtry bombs with this series. Save yourself the time, trouble, and energy; read Lonesome Dove again instead.
  • about a year ago, i picked up "By Sorrow's River" not realizing it was the third in a series, just seeing that it was by Larry McMurtry. i was intending to read the first two books, but didn't get around to it. then i listened to them on audiobooks, and the reader is so thoroughly WONDERFUL that now i would rather hear "By Sorrow's River" read by this narrator than read it for myself! the writing is, of course, pure McMurtry, by turns hilarious, engaging, entertaining, thoughtful and downright silly. love it.
  • I enjoy Zane Grey, Max Brand, Brock & Bodie Thoene and Louis L'amour stories but I don't care for the language style of Larry McMurtry. It was my first book by him and I only made it part way. May have been a good story, I don't know. I simly prefer books with claen language. That is why I prefer old movies to new also. To each there own.
  • McMurtry is a great storyteller and has the ability to take you into characters and situations of the 1830's western frontier. He has incorporated artist George Caitlin into the scenes of this story and that just makes it all the more fun. Take a look at some of Caitlin's many works of art to appreciate how he lived and accomplished his artistry.
  • I got the Telegraph girl for christmas, Enjoyed it so much I wanted to do the Berrybender saga by McMurty, The Wandering hill Book 2 is very good, lots of action, lot of stories within a story, the old west with all the hardships. and even some funnyparts too.