The Last Mile Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Last Mile by David Baldacci

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The Last Mile Audiobook by David Baldacci revolves around the life of Melvin Mars. Melvin Mars has been sentenced to execution for killing his parents almost 20 years ago. On the eve of his execution, he was able to get a reprieve. This is a direct outcome of the fact that another person had confessed the crime.

FBI agent by the name of the Amos Decker, comes across Mars’s case and noticed that his life story is quite similar to that of his own. In both their lives, there have been culprits who came forward voluntarily with confessions in order to save them. Thus, his curiosity in the truth is spiked. Why is Melvin Mars being granted a reprieve at the hands of a confession-ist who might not be speaking the truth?

During the investigation, Decker also comes to face the fact that the conspiracy might be much bigger. During the course of the investigation, even one of his team members disappears, indicating that it might be something much more sinister than perceived earlier. This gripping tale of suspense and thriller is sure to keep the readers hold on to the last minute. You can easily buy The Last Mile Audiobook online to enjoy this gripping tale of thriller and suspense.


In my Opinion, The Last Mile Audiobook has quite strong characters throughout the book. Even though some of the conclusions drawn out by the investigators might seem a bit far-fetched but they are etched into the story perfectly. As a result, it is quite interesting one. Also, the twists and turns throughout the plot keeps one encrypted to the entire story without feeling bored. At no point in time, does the book sound monotonous or weak in its storytelling capability.

The author is able to intricately weave a thread among the different details of the crime scene. This takes us on an intriguing journey as to what clues might be lurking around next. The gripping tale to connect all the dots is what makes this book much more intriguing and interesting as compared to some of the other crime thrillers. The strong protagonist further makes the story even more credible. All in all, if you’re looking for a crime thriller set in a different premise, you should not ignore this book. Now that is it is available in the form of the audiobook, you can easily listen to this gripping tale of suspense.

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Jathanan Dheather