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The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

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After thirty years of marriage, Wilson Lewis, son-in-law of Allie and Noah Calhoun (of The Notebook), is forced to admit that the romance has gone out of his marriage. Desperate to win back his wife, Jane's, heart, he must figure out how to make her fall in love with him... again.Despite the shining example of Allie and Noah's marriage, Wilson is himself a man unable to easily express his emotions. A successful estate attorney, he has provided well for his family, but now, with his daughter's upcoming wedding, he is forced to face the fact that he and Jane have grown apart and he wonders if she even loves him anymore. Wilson is sure of one thing - his love for his wife has only deepened and intensified over the years. Now, with the memories of his in-laws' magnificent fifty-year love affair as his guide, Wilson struggles to find his way back into the heart of the woman he adores.



  • When spring rolls around, my craving for Julie Garwood's Highland Lords collection kicks in. The Wedding, the first book in a duology, has a special place in my heart. Brenna's encounter with Connor MacAlister, the towering Highlander, happens when she's just a child. Despite her dirt-covered appearance and a piglet hidden in her dress, he rescues her from harm's way and steals her heart. In that moment, she makes up her mind to marry him and proceeds to send him marriage proposals as she grows up. Years later, Connor hatches a plan to thwart his enemy by intercepting the English bride he's expecting and marrying her himself. Little does he know, it's Brenna, now all grown up, and she has no recollection of Connor or her past proposals. But he remembers every detail. Garwood's Highlander books all feature strong, stoic, and secretly charming Highlanders who are essentially the same character in each story. The young, innocent virgins also follow a similar pattern. However, I couldn't care less. After tending to my garden, I kick back in my recliner with a cold glass of iced tea and a cookie, putting in my earbuds and immersing myself in the beautiful highlands, surrounded by wildflowers, for a delightful escape and a touch of romance. The first book, The Bride, is equally captivating. My playlist also includes Garwood's The Secret, Ransom, and Shadow Music — all of which are fantastic! I've also added Saving Grace to my collection, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Wishing you a delightful summer!
  • I've just started chapter three and I must say the narrator's Scottish accent is totally spoiling the whole story for me. I mean, all the male characters sound like women and it feels like she keeps switching between Scottish, Russian, and wherever Transylvania is. It's just all over the place. Honestly, I think this story would be much more enjoyable if I read it myself rather than listening to it.