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Thrawn (Star Wars) by Timothy Zahn

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Thrawn (Star Wars) Audiobook by Timothy Zahn is a Star Wars novel published in 2017. It charts the origin of Grand Admiral Thrawn. The novel plots the story behind the rise of the Admiral Thrawn- a shrewd military strategist and mastermind from the Chiss Ascendancy. The plot opens when an Imperial Ground team comes across a hut on an abandoned planet on the edge of the Imperial space. They are attacked by a blue-skinned alien who turns out to be a disgraced military commander exiled by his own community. He identified himself as Thrawn. Thrawn’s military brilliance and tactfulness is noticed by Emperor Palpatine and he recruits him to his military.

Thrawn pledges himself to the Emperor Palpatine and joins the Imperial Navy. His expertise and shrewd mastermind approach helps him rise up the ranks very swiftly. In the process, he also draws the ire of his seniors. Thrawn and Eli Vanto are sent to the Imperial Academy and then to the fleet. Here Thrwan shows his prowess as a tactical commander and hunts down the pirates and insurgents.

The author has interestingly compared the life of Thrawn, while in Heir to the Empire he was a brilliant military leader, he feels more like a behind the scene detective in Imperial navy. As Thrawn rises higher up in the ranks, he comes face-to-face with the corruption, evil practices, and nepotism in the Imperial society. The story also depicts the story of Arihnda Pryce, who was the Governor of Lothal, and she herself is on her ascent to power after experiencing lows.

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Thrawn (Star Wars) Audiobook by Timothy Zahn received positive reviews from the critics and the readers. The novel provides an insight into the life of the popular character Thrawn. The author also given glimpses into the relationship between Thrawn and Arihnda Pryce.

The author has been successful in developing the already popular characters even more and the readers will definitely be relating to them to a greater extent. The narrative is brisk and does not slow down which will keep the readers engaged till the end. Overall, this is a highly recommended novel for the fans of the Star Wars series.

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