Twisted Prey Audiobook by John Sandford [Free Download by Trial]

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Twisted Prey by John Sandford

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Twisted Prey by John Sandford is the 28th novel in the popular Lucas Davenport series. In the novel, Lucas Davenport deals with a politician he has come across earlier. Senator Porter Smalls was run off the road on his way back to Washington from his stay in the West Virginia cabin. Porter was fortunate and he escaped unharmed.

Porter contacts Davenport as he is convinced that this was not a mere accident but a plan to assassinate him. Porter firmly believes that Taryn Grant is behind this wicked plan with whom he has had a long and hostile political history. Porter has had previous battles with Grant which ended miserably for him, hence he wants Davenport on his side before taking her on again.

The local police rules out any foul play and assassination attempt. Lucas Davenport starts his investigation into the matter. As he digs deeper, he finds out that the assassination attempt was planned by professionals which was only foiled due to the valiant driving of Cecily Whitehead.

Davenport soon discovers a dark and murky world of professional mercenaries and profiteers spread worldwide. Grant meanwhile learns that Davenport has undertaken the investigation into the matter. She tips her henchman to take him out as the last resort if everything else fails.

Getting his hands on trained and professional killers who know how to cover their tracks and are backed by a rich and powerful woman who has ambitions of making it to the White House is not going to be an easy thing.


Twisted Prey by John Sandford is a fast-paced and edgy thriller. The author ensures that the plot moves forward swiftly and does not lag anywhere which is critical for a thriller novel. The narrative is simple yet gripping which will hold the reader’s interest till the climax. The story has fair number of unexpected twists and turns which makes it engrossing.

The character of Lucas Davenport grows on the readers as the plot moves forward. The locality of Washington DC has also been depicted nicely by the author. The author has also done considerable research on the subject. This is yet another top-notch thriller by Sandford like his earlier works and is a recommended read.

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