Washington: A Life Audiobook by Ron Chernow [Free Download]

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Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow

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Renowned Book Author and Historian Ron Chernow present us his Washington: A Life Audiobook by Ron Chernow. With a colorful tale regarding the life of the Father of America. In a breathtaking and attention-grabbing style of narrative like no other author has depicted, he takes us on an in-depth journey through George Washington's problematic childhood. Everything in his life from his celebrated achievements during the Indian and the French Wars, the conception of Mount Vernon, his heroic and outstanding heroic actions with the U.S. Continental Army to his position during the Constitutional Convention and of course his revolutionary performance as the First President of the United States.

Nevertheless, as much reverence and inspiration that the name represents not only to Americans but the rest of the World, Washington remains as an awe-inspiring stoic but dull figure to most readers. However, in this amazing and breathtaking masterpiece, Ron Chernow presents us Washington under a different light, no legend or myth attached to it, just the Man that Washington was, a decorated Horseman, a passionate dancer, and an incredible hunter. A man who kept his emotions and private life away from those close to him and defend it with astonishing ferocity.

George Washington was a man of vision that surrounded himself with some of the most influential minds of this time like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and John Hancock. Like an Orchestra conductor, he took advantage of their strength and weaknesses to help him realize his Vision of what the United States would be, the creation of the Federal Government, the separation of powers, and establish the parameters for the Office of the Presidency.

Ron Chernow take us all through a mesmerizing journey of Washington's early years all the way to Manhood and Legendary Achievements.


Washington: A Life Audiobook by Ron Chernow is a bestselling masterpiece in which the acclaimed author, biographer and historian Ron Chernow takes us through a familiar journey on the life of our one and only founding Father. George Washington was a man that would normally arouse the utmost respect rather than affection towards him. This incredible work was finally concluded after an extensive research into the life of Washington that went on for years.

The extent of the investigation led author Ron Chernow into a groundbreaking realization that shook away the never changing stereotype of the Stoic and unemotional Washington and instead provides an intimate look into the personal life of the Founding Father. We discover him to be a glamorous dancer full of passion and multiple emotions. Chernow explores George Washington\'s early romances with a married woman by the name of Sally Fairfax.

There is also a profound look into his marriage with Martha and his relationship with his Children and Grandchildren and his complex mindset as a Slave Owner himself. Chernow does an excellent job at assembling the puzzle that George Washington was, and how every aspect and relationship from his life was quintessential to become the man that founded the United States of America.

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