What Happened Audiobook by Hillary Rodham Clinton [Free Download]

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What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton

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What Happened Audiobook by Hillary Rodham Clinton is a book by the 2016 US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She provides her opinions and insights to the readers on the possible causes for her loss in the 2016 elections. The book is divided into six parts and each part has up to 5 chapters.

The book opens with the scene from the United States Presidential inauguration in 2017, which was attended by her along with her husband and she watches her opponent Donald Trump take oath as the US President. Clinton puts a number of people and factors as responsible for her loss. She has pointed out to ex-Presidents, few international leaders, media etc. for her loss. Everyone who opposed her is pointed out for doing so due to misogyny.

Clinton intended to declare her victory from a stage cut out in the shape of the US map. She had also decided the dress she would wear on her first trip to Washington as the Presidential elect and had bought the house in New York as accommodation for her potential White House aides. She discusses on what she did to overcome the loss. She practiced Chardonnay, alternate nostril breathing, yoga and going through a daily devotional mail sent by her pastor.

In particular, she also read a large number of book for overcoming the loss. Clinton also draws parallels to Dylann Roof the white extremist who had killed people worshipping in the church and later being told by the relatives of the victims that they forgive him. She asks herself what she feels of the Trump voters and answers that it's complicated and forgives them.


What Happened Audiobook by Hillary Rodham Clinton has received mixed reviews and has polarized the critics. The book was listed at number one by the Times magazine in the non-fiction category for 2017. The author has candidly shared what went wrong and the possible reasons for her election loss.

Clinton had a very fair chance of being the President and she knows it which is why the feelings of regret and loss are so evident throughout the book. Overall, it is a honestly written memoir detailing the reasons for her loss. It is a recommended read especially for readers interested in politics.

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