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White Oleander by Janet Fitch

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Astrid is the only child of a single mother, Ingrid, a brilliant, obsessed poet who wields her luminous beauty to intimidate and manipulate men. Astrid worships her mother and cherishes their private world full of ritual and mystery - but their idyll is shattered when Astrid's mother falls apart over a lover. Deranged by rejection, Ingrid murders the man, and is sentenced to life in prison. White Oleander is the unforgettable story of Astrid's journey through a series of foster homes and her efforts to find a place for herself in impossible circumstances. Each home is its own universe, with a new set of laws and lessons to be learned. With determination and humor, Astrid confronts the challenges of loneliness and poverty, and strives to learn who a motherless child in an indifferent world can become. Oprah Winfrey enjoyed this gripping first novel so much that she not only made it her book club pick, she asked if she could narrate the audio release.




  • While the prose in 'White Oleander' is undeniably exquisite, the storyline can be incredibly frustrating. It's important to keep in mind that this is a work of fiction, but the amount of suffering endured by a single child is truly overwhelming. Each character is plagued with tragedy, and each subsequent situation is even more gruesome than the last. From the moment we are introduced to her, our hearts ache for this child. Her mother is a tyrant who thrives on control and finds solace in her child's misery. It was a struggle to persevere until the very end. There are plenty of other worthwhile books out there that deserve our attention.
  • White Oleander is absolutely amazing, hands down one of the best books I've ever read. If you're a fan, I highly suggest checking out the film adaptation, as it could be even better.
  • I had a good time listening to the audiobook of 'White Oleander', and the story itself was quite enjoyable. However, I had read the physical book more than ten years ago, and it's important to note that this audiobook is not the complete novel. Oprah's narration is decent, but there were instances where I couldn't help but focus on the parts that were left out.
  • I first read this book a few years back when it was newly released, and then I picked it up again. The writing is so poetic, and the story itself is incredibly intricate and fascinating. It delves into the complicated relationship between a daughter and her mentally unstable and controlling mother. These characters feel so real to me. I actually grew up in LA, specifically West Hollywood, until I was twelve, so I can say that the author really captures the essence of the setting. Oprah's narration of this book is absolutely phenomenal. Her beautiful voice and the way she brings the words to life make it feel like a 6-hour poetry reading. I have a massive collection of audiobooks, and I can confidently say that this one has made its way into my top 3 favorites. The other two being Campbell Scott's reading of "Rum Diarys" and Eric Stoltz's reading of "Raveling."
  • The book caught my attention, but there were so many lingering questions that were left unanswered. They seemed to have removed too many important parts of the story. I think I'll stick to the full versions, without any cuts.