Zane’s The Other Side of the Pillow Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow by Zane

The readers can download Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Jemistry Daniels is a bitter woman and not trying to hide it. Even though she is beautiful, intelligent and makes six figures a year as a high school principal in Washington, D.C., one man after another has failed her. So she decides to give up and join the party by adapting the entire "friends with benefits" mentality with a couple of men that she beds on the regular but refuses to hold any kind of real conversation with, in fear that she might actually catch feelings.



  • The storyline of 'Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow' is truly fantastic. I really enjoyed how Tevin enters the picture and proves to Gemetry (by the way, what a cool name!) that not all men are alike.
  • The narration of this audiobook really made it a challenge to get through. I appreciate the convenience of being able to listen while doing other tasks, but I really struggled with this particular book. I actually didn't even get to find out how the story ended because I couldn't bring myself to finish it. It's a bummer because I'm still a fan of Zane's work, but I've been hesitant to buy more audiobooks because of my experience with this one.
  • In this novel, all fears and desires are exposed without any filters. The book explores the consequences of heartbreak and how it can transform something positive into a heavy burden. There were moments when I wanted Jeminstry to let go, but then I reminded myself that she carries a lifetime of pain, which realistically cannot disappear overnight, even with a wonderful partner. Healing is a journey, and Tevin's openness and honesty added a refreshing touch. Zane truly tapped into something incredible with this book!
  • This book is definitely a must-buy! I strongly suggest getting your hands on this novel. It's highly relatable, bursting with passion, romance, and just the perfect amount of "drama".
  • I really appreciate how the author skillfully incorporates real-life situations into the storyline. The poem resonated with me on a personal level, as it reflects the fear of getting involved with men who have the potential to cause significant emotional pain without any remorse.
  • This book was absolutely incredible, and it kept me completely engrossed and on the edge of my seat throughout the entire listening experience. Let's just say that I was completely tuned in and hooked from start to finish. I would rate it a solid 8 out of 10.
  • I had high hopes for "Zane's The Other Side of the Pillow" due to the positive reviews of Zane's other books. However, instead of exceptional writing, I found the story to be more focused on social and political commentary, with a strange love story added in. If the constant outbursts of "what's wrong with the world today" were removed, the book would only be a single chapter. I couldn't help but exclaim, "Can I please get a refund?" after enduring this book!