A Brief History of Time Audiobook by Stephen Hawking [Free Download]

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A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

The readers can download A Brief History of Time Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The popular audiobook A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking was created in order for everybody to be able to enjoy it, the specialists and the non-specialists, or people who do not have any previous knowledge in cosmology.

In this amazing audiobook, Stephen Hawking talks about structure, origin and development as well as the eventual fate of the universe using non-technical terms, since the universe is the object being studied by astronomy and modern physics. He explains different basic concepts such as space and time, as well as basic building blocks that compound the universe like quarks, and the fundamental forces that rule it, such as gravity. He also showcases incredible events like black holes and the big bang which are very important phenomena for astronomy and modern physics. In this audiobook, you will hear about the two main theories used for scientists for explaining the universe best known as general relativity and quantum mechanics.

Later on, he explains the search for a theory that can unify all the theories and discards the ones that are not needed in order to explain the universe in a more coherent way.

The book has become a best seller and it has sold more than 10 million copies in twenty years. It had been translated to 35 languages by the year 2001 and it was also a bestseller on the London Sunday Times and was in there for around 5 years.


Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time has opened a world of understanding and astonishment for the readers. Millions of people have found about the marvels of the universe as well as its important basic elements such as space and time. Stephen Hawking masterfully portrayed the vast universe using non-technical words in order for people who don’t have preview knowledge regarding cosmology or physics.

This amazing audiobook has become a bestseller while feeding our curiosity of the universe by allowing us understand in a simple way how it works. Moreover, thousands of new scientists were inspired by this book in order to pursue an astronomy or physics career.

Black holes and the big bang are only some of the interesting phenomena that are part of the universe and they are beautifully presented in this marvelous piece.

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