All Systems Red Audiobook by Martha Wells [Free Download by Trial]

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All Systems Red by Martha Wells

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All Systems Red Audiobook by Martha Wells is a science fiction novel published in 2017. It is the first novel in the Murderbot Diaries series. The narrator and the protagonist of the novel is a part-machine, part-human “SecUnit” which has named itself Murderbot. The Murderbot hacked its own governor module so that it is capable of independent thoughts and actions. Murderbot does not like humans and does not like bonding with them. Murderbot is now deployed on a mission to protect and guard an exploratory crew which is researching a new world.

Murderbot finds that the information on the dangerous fauna has been deleted from their survey packet on the planet. Later on, it is also discovered that some sections of the maps are also missing. The survey team led by Dr. Mensah continue on their expedition with mixed feelings about the Murderbot. Soon they lose contact with other members of the team. Dr. Mensah leads a team to the other side of the planet to investigate the reasons of the same. At the DeltFall habitat, Murderbot discovers that the entire team has been killed and one out of three of their SecUnits have been destroyed. It is soon revealed that the SecUnits had turned rogue and killed the team. There is a fight between them and Murderbot and Murderbot is seriously injured. One of the rogue SecUnits have also installed a combat override module into its neck to take control of the Murderbot. How the exploratory crew deals with this problem and come out safely forms the remainder of the plot.


All Systems Red Audiobook by Martha Wells is an interesting and fun read. The book is short and is a breezy read. With the robots and alien planets, the plot has a retro sci-fi feel to it. The story is pretty basic but has been put together nicely. The author has provided a human touch to the Murderbot and depicted it in a funny manner which is humorous to read. The other characters are seen through the perspective of Murderbot who does not seem to have much interest in them. The narrative is brisk and engaging. The book is a fun science fiction and a recommended read.

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