Am I Being Too Subtle?: The Adventures of a Business Maverick Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Am I Being Too Subtle?: The Adventures of a Business Maverick by Sam Zell

The readers can download Am I Being Too Subtle?: The Adventures of a Business Maverick Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The traits that make Sam Zell one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs also make him one of the most surprising, enigmatic, and entertaining mavericks in American business.



  • Before Sam died, he was a powerful, no-nonsense, accomplished individual whose words I eagerly absorbed whenever I could. In this audiobook, he personally shares his life journey without altering his authentic voice. It reveals numerous aspects of his life and business ventures that were previously unfamiliar to me. I highly recommend this audiobook to all ambitious capitalists out there who are eager to gain insights from one of the industry's legendary figures.
  • I've always been fascinated by Sam Zell and really valued the numerous insights and viewpoints he's shared about business and taking risks in various interviews and articles throughout the years. This book, written and narrated by Sam himself, is a wonderful expansion of those perspectives and offers listeners the chance to gain valuable nuggets of wisdom about life and business directly from him. Even though I never had the privilege of meeting him, listening to this book has made me feel like I know him better and has given me a greater appreciation for his outlook on opportunities and risks in the world. My heart goes out to his loved ones, and I hope his memory brings them comfort. Sam truly made a significant impact on the world, and this book undoubtedly adds to the incredible legacy he's left behind.
  • This audiobook is truly captivating, taking listeners on an exhilarating journey through the life of the author, highlighting his unwavering determination to achieve success and surpass his own expectations.
  • The author did an awesome job telling the story and performing it. I had a blast reading this book and it's packed with some seriously valuable tips on making deals and running a business.
  • If you're an aspiring or experienced entrepreneur or investor, you absolutely need to give "Am I Being Too Subtle?: The Adventures of a Business Maverick" a listen or read. This book takes you on an incredible journey that you won't want to miss. Sam, we'll definitely miss you.
  • The book struggles to maintain focus, often veering off into unrelated tangents that add little value to the overall story. Furthermore, it falls into the category of success stories that fail to provide any significant insights or guidance on achieving success. Instead, it simply recounts the author's personal experiences. While entertaining, it lacks practical value. Narrated by the author himself, the book benefits from his distinctive voice which adds a personal touch. However, the reading flow is occasionally disrupted by noticeable pauses, likely caused by line breaks and page turns. Employing a professional narrator would have enhanced the overall experience of the audiobook.