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American Creation

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From the first shots fired at Lexington to the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the negotiations for the Louisiana Purchase, Joseph J. Ellis guides us through the decisive issues of the nation's founding, and illuminates the emerging philosophies, shifting alliances, and personal and political foibles of our now iconic leaders–Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, and Adams. He casts an incisive eye on the founders' achievements, arguing that the American Revolution was, paradoxically, an evolution–and that part of what made it so extraordinary was the gradual pace at which it occurred. He explains how the idea of a strong federal government was eventually embraced by the American people, and details the emergence of the two-party system, which stands as the founders' most enduring legacy.


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  • J Ellis's books should be required reading in all high school US History /Civics courses. American Creation is not just a history of factual events that created America, but the driving influences and forces behind the thoughts and actions of our great but imperfect human American founders. The uniqueness of our nation's founding, and it's exceptionalism, but also our historical blights of slavery and racism are covered with fair perspectives. Wish I'd delved more into our history's founding years ago....This book continues to wet my appetite for more!