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Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

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Bad Blood finds Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper deeply involved in a complicated, high-profile homicide case. Defendant Brendan Quillian, a prominent young businessman, is charged with the brutal strangulation of his beautiful young wife, Amanda. His conviction is not a certainty: Quillian was conveniently out of town on the day of the killing, and he has hired a formidable defense attorney who seems one step ahead of Cooper as the trial opens. But with the help of detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, she is confident she can prove Quillian paid a hit man to commit the crime.


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  • Elizabeth Holmes is depicted as a unique psychopath who showed no regard for the impact she had on others. The negative perception of the pharmaceutical industry, fueled in part by her company's publicity and the actions of certain tech entrepreneurs, can be attributed to people like her. She lacked both a moral compass and a commitment to conducting ethical scientific research. It's truly disgraceful. While I may not completely believe every detail presented in this book, there is undoubtedly some truth to the matter, and Holmes unquestionably endangered patients. If she were to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, I have no doubt she would be diagnosed with some kind of Axis II disorder. I do have some reservations about the absolute veracity of every word penned by Carreyrou. It's unlikely that the general public will ever have access to the full story, as there are always multiple perspectives in any situation. However, Holmes certainly didn't make it any easier to sympathize with her viewpoint when all the facts were laid bare.
  • This book is absolutely amazing, and I couldn't help but rave about it to everyone. It offers crucial perspectives on the intertwining of power obsession, unrealistic ideals, and the emergence of villainy. Additionally, there's a thought-provoking and fitting subplot exploring the prevalent themes of surveillance and misinformation in our society. It's unsettlingly brilliant and definitely a book that should not be missed.
  • This audiobook is incredibly well-written and impossible to stop listening to. The author maintains a balanced perspective, but the overwhelming evidence makes it difficult to feel any sympathy for the prolonged deception. The narrator's performance is outstanding too. I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in any type of investing. It's truly shocking how easily we can be deceived, especially when there's a false sense of credibility involved.
  • As always this writer is great. The story line is exciting and all the information given to detail lets you into the story and how each person plays their part. I truly enjoy Linda Fairsteins style of work.