Beautiful Creatures: Beautiful Creatures, Book 1 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Beautiful Creatures: Beautiful Creatures, Book 1

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This edition features exclusive movie cover art!



  • I'm quite the inquisitive individual. As someone with a natural curiosity, I tend to venture into territories that others warn against. It's a trait I can't resist, even if it leads to regret. Unfortunately, that curiosity caused me to spend my hard-earned credit on something unworthy. It's a lesson I won't soon forget. This book has numerous flaws that I could spend ages detailing. Frankly, I've already invested far too much time in this subpar material and have no desire to continue. My apologies.
  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Definitely not good, my friend. Let me tell you, it was a real letdown and a complete waste of my precious time. Honestly, it just wasn't a very well-written book and to top it off, the ending was absolutely dreadful. I kid you not, I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous it was. Yeah, it was THAT bad! It's such a shame because I came across some reviews that got my hopes up, but man, talk about having high expectations. I don't know what went wrong here, but this book just didn't hit the mark. It was downright boring, and don't even get me started on that annoying "16 years" song they threw in there. I'll be joking about that with my buddies who also tried and failed to enjoy this book. Save your hard-earned credit, my friend. Normally, I don't bother writing reviews, but I felt compelled to warn others about this one. Seriously, I can't stress this enough, do yourself a favor and steer clear of this book. The audio version is equally irritating.
  • I couldn't resist listening to this audiobook beyond my usual commute and even on weekends because I was so intrigued to find out what would happen next. Like many others have mentioned, it offered a refreshing perspective from the male protagonist's point of view. There's a lot of interesting elements at play here - a touch of history, the concept of soul mates, and a dash of magic all intertwined with Southern "charm" (though sometimes not so charming). The character portrayals were skillfully executed, with well-rounded individuals coming to life within the story. The narration itself was quite impressive. Sure, there were moments that may have seemed a bit cheesy, but considering it's a young adult novel, it perfectly captured the feeling of being 16 and believing that our first love is the be-all and end-all of the universe. In summary, it truly was an enjoyable listening experience. Oh, and what made it even better was the incorporation of sound effects, which added a nice change of pace.
  • As a father of four children who frequently indulge in various books available here, I have the responsibility of reading or listening to them beforehand to ensure their appropriateness. Initially, I didn't have high expectations for this particular book, but boy, was I blown away! If you're a guy in junior high or high school, you absolutely have to read this book! It's a love story where two individuals meet, and while it may seem like love at first sight, trust me, it's not that simple. I could really relate to the main characters' anxiety, fear, and the constant thoughts about whether the person they have strong feelings for feels the same way. The authors have done an incredible job creating an atmosphere that transported me back to high school, with all the amazing character development. I just had to get all three books to find out if this love story would work out. Believe me when I say this is unlike anything you've ever read before. Don't give up, just keep reading or listening, and you'll fall in love with this book. It's a genuine love story with supernatural elements woven into it. I can't stress enough how much I adore this book. Get it, and you'll thank me later.