Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel

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  • I was a bit skeptical when I found out that Beyond the Ice Limit would be the final installment in the Gideon Crew series, but it turned out to be a fantastic follow-up to the original Ice Limit. It delves deeper into the real reason why Gideon Crew was hired by Eli Glinn in the first place. With Glinn's determination to destroy the lost meteor from the Rollvag ship, the story takes a thrilling turn of uncovering what happened to the meteor professor, billionaire, and more, transforming into a chilling horror tale on the open sea. I was completely engrossed in the book, especially during the last few chapters. It was a thrilling ride that I thoroughly enjoyed. While I initially missed Scott Brick, I eventually grew accustomed to David Collins, who, in my opinion, was a better fit for this series.
  • This book is pretty solid as it addresses unanswered questions from the previous installment. The character development is on point and adds depth to the story. However, the pacing seems a bit hurried and it could have benefited from further elaboration. Unfortunately, I had to return it due to the issue of the audio randomly fading out or abruptly shutting off at odd moments.
  • I'm really sorry, but it's time for Dr. Crew to say goodbye, wherever fictional characters go after they have fulfilled their purposeful lives. However, with this novel, Gideon has taken a turn for the worse or, in this case, encountered a brain-eating psycho alien tree thing. Apologies, I just spoiled the entire plot. The book includes action that can be anticipated, as well as interactions between characters that are very predictable. Even the commendable narration by Mr. Collins couldn't rescue this book.
  • This audiobook is seriously entertaining. I've been a fan of the authors for a long time, but honestly, I wasn't sure if they would ever write another book that could match the level of excitement and suspense found in "Dance with Dead" and "The Book of the Dead." However, I am thrilled to say that they have done it. The story is captivating, with a perfect pace that keeps you hooked from start to finish. The narration is excellent, with just the right amount of emotion without going over the top. Overall, this audiobook is an absolute blast to listen to.
  • As someone who typically listens to a lot of Preston and Child's books, I found myself a bit let down by "Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel." Maybe I had set my expectations too high, given how impressed I've been by their previous works, but I wasn't quite ready for the sluggish pace at which the story unfolded and the overall strange vibe of it all. I absolutely adored "Riptide," "The Ice Limit," and all the thrilling Pendergast novels. With this book, though, I think the authors fell short in showcasing the imaginative storytelling they're known for. Here's to hoping they'll bring back that original spark in their future works.
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  • After finishing the first book, readers were left craving more details about the aftermath of losing the meteorite. "Beyond the Ice Limit: A Gideon Crew Novel" thankfully provides the missing pieces to complete the story.