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Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley

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Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley audiobook is set deep in the Caribbean Sea, where a nuclear submarine is forced to abort its mission without any apparent reasons. Some strange circumstances lead John Clay, a naval investigator, to a group of investigators that are about to change history. This team of investigators, which Alison Shaw is part of, are about to translate the first two way conversation with dolphins.

Nevertheless, during the investigation an object is revealed in the ocean floor and they discover much more from dolphins than they expected. John and Alison try to figure out the puzzle that emerged from the sea and start an investigation, which will be more dangerous than they thought, as someone is trying to stop them.

“One of the greatest achievements in human history. A secret that was never supposed to be found. And a crisis that cannot be stopped”.


Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley audiobook is the first novel in a book series of four books. The story starts with John Clay, a naval investigator, who is going to examine with his team a series of strange circumstances that had place in the Caribbean Sea; and with Alison Shaw and her team, who are about to establish the first one-way conversation with dolphins.

The investigation of John ends up where Alison’s team is working and they make the incredible discovery of an object in the ocean floor. They try to understand what is going on, but as the object was not supposed to be found, they will face some obstacles.

This exciting novel is perfect for those who love science, as a big part of the novel revolves around that. The story is full of plotwists and unexpected events, so do not expect to read only about the sea or about dolphins, because other elements like natural disasters or aliens are involved. The author also included a small romance that relaxes the atmosphere from time to time.

Characters of the book develop very credible relationships and besides the two protagonists, there are some recurrent characters that make the audiobook special.

If you are a science fan or an animal lover, you should definitely download Breakthrough audiobook!


Is the situation between dolphins and humans possible nowadays?

With the technology we have nowadays it is no possible to communicate with dolphins at the same level scientists do in the audiobook, but as technology continues to advance, we expect that it will soon be possible.

Are events in Breakthrough credible?

All the events in the audiobook are well explained and what happens is consistent with previous events.

Is Breakthrough easy to read?

Even if it talks about science, this audiobook is easy to understand. More complex parts of it are well-explained and go well with the story.

Do you recommended Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley?

This book is highly recommended to all of those people who love sci-fi, mysteries, thrillers and animals. The plot is interesting and it always leaves you wanting to know more.