Dark Mountain Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Dark Mountain

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Two families have come to the California mountains expecting a fun weekend camping trip. What they will find instead is terror in the form of a violent psychopath and his mother, a powerful witch.



  • What a waste of time. The characters are decently developed, but very uninteresting. Nothing much happens throughout the story, and the author pads the little that's there with endless mundane character interactions and activities that have nothing to do with the plot and don't do anything for the overall pacing. It barely has enough content for a short story, and is dragged out into a 10-hour narration. The narration is equally problematic. The story takes place in California with California characters, and the author's thick Texas drawl is distracting and out of place. It's a voice that would fit well for certain stories, but not this one. He also drops the "ed" off of the word "asked" every time he says it. Some of the technical audio editing was poorly handled, so his breathing cuts out and back in, creating a jarring effect that, once again, distracts from the story. Not the worst audiobook I've listened to, but definitely not one I'd recommend.