Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Audiobook [Download]

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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Novel by Gail Honeyman

The readers can download Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Novel Audiobook by Gail Honeyman shows the development of Eleanor Oliphant character. She’s a very lonely woman who doesn’t quite understand how the world works. Social interaction, friendship, love or any kind of human contact is almost completely unknown to her.

Eleanor is that kind of woman that works at every office but rarely grows in her career, on the contrary, she goes unnoticed most of the time. She’s like that lonely person in the office that everybody thinks is weird, the one nobody knows anything about and that rarely says a word unless it’s completely necessary.

The audiobook narrates her routine life which only consists in going to work every weekday and staying alone at home on weekends, eating frozen pizza and drinking vodka. Her only human interaction limits to a few video-calls with her mother. She uses almost always the same clothes and definitely has no clue how to make her life better.

Nevertheless, she happens to fall in love with a pop-star and this only makes her feel even lonelier than ever. Everything starts to change when she knows Raymond, which is also one of those weird characters that are always found in any office.

This man, whom is highly unhygienic and works in the TI section of the office, teaches Eleanor what it is to have a friendship. Together, they save an elder man called Sammy from falling on a sidewalk and then the three of them save each other from the loneliness they lived their whole lives.

Finally, the great heart that Raymond hides beneath all those awful habits, awaken Eleanor’s damaged one. In the end, they both understand that only by opening their feelings to others, they can survive the loneliness of this world.


Without a doubt one of the most touching books that have been written in the last few years. With a deep sense of what it is to be deeply lonely and a remarkable sensitivity to describe her characters, Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine: A Novel Audiobook by Gail Honeyman uncovers the warm side of all those lonely renegades.

It’s quite interesting that the author approaches this subject that is really abstract to describe as a feeling. We are familiar now with mental issues and trauma, but simply being lonely without all the drama has managed to remain hidden behind those disturbing subjects.

Nevertheless, this audiobook is funny and very familiar, avoiding completely all the drama and traumatic situations, as well as the characters’ thoughts. On the contrary, it makes everything feel very normal and real, depicting Eleanor and everyone else as very real people. The dialogues and manners of the particular heroine are incredibly smart and with a hint of hilarious irony that will both warm your heart and make you laugh.

Everyone that has ever felt lonely (every one of us, probably) will relate a bit to this corky woman that feels like she has no place in this world. And at the end, both readers and characters will find out what are the people we care about the ones that make us belong.


Is the audiobook going to make readers cry?

While it’s not at all a dramatic and dense novel, it is charged with emotional moments and it’s probable that readers get sensitive due to the crudeness and realness of the loneliness.

Is it true that Reese Whitherspoon bought the motion picture rights?

The audiobook was at first a part of the actress book club and then she did buy the rights. Actually, she already said that the novel will be hitting the big screen in a very short time

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