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Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts

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New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts weaves scandal, celebrity secrets, and murder into an explosive novel of Hollywood almost too wicked not to be true: the story of a legendary actress who knows too much—and the woman she’s chosen to reveal it all . . . . Eve Benedict is the kind of subject who could make any biographer’s career. Last of the movie goddesses, she has two Oscars, four ex-husbands, and a legion of lovers, both famous and infamous. Now she is ready to write a tell-all memoir that has even Hollywood’s richest and most powerful worried. Julia Summers never dreamed of being chosen to tell Eve’s story. But even if it means transplanting herself and her ten-year-old son from their quiet life in Connecticut to the withering limelight of Beverly Hills, it’s an opportunity too great to pass up. But Julia never imagined how far someone would go to keep Eve Benedict’s book from being published…until she discovers just how dark Eve’s secrets are. And the one man Julia hopes she can trust—Eve’s stepson, Paul Winthrop—may have the most to gain if his stepmother’s story is never told . . . and if Julia’s life ends before she can write a word of the truth.



  • I really loved this book. It's written so well, the narration is top-notch, and it has this enchanting nostalgic setting. I also liked that it's a longer story. Many great stories tend to be too short. This one kept me engaged throughout, never losing my attention. I absolutely recommend this book.
  • I absolutely adored this lengthy book. The plot twists, the unexpected developments, the element of mystery. Definitely a must-read that you shouldn't overlook. Grab a copy right away! 😉
  • I really enjoyed this book! It was a great read. One of the things I liked the most was the way the reader portrayed the male voices; they did a fantastic job. The story itself had the perfect balance of different elements like intrigue, mystery, romance, and deception.
  • Once again, Nora Roberts has penned yet another thrilling and captivating page-turner that you won't be able to put down! I strongly urge you to dive into this book and experience the excitement for yourself.
  • I love listening to audiobooks during my daily commute to work. "Genuine Lies" had me completely engrossed in its captivating and thrilling story, to the extent that I accidentally missed my exit not once, but twice! Usually, I can easily predict the antagonist in novels, but this time, I was pleasantly surprised. This book was an absolute page-turner and I highly recommend it.
  • The narrator came across as a bit uninspiring, and perhaps a different person could have made it more enjoyable. The story itself was decent, but didn't quite reach the level of greatness. Nonetheless, I still have a soft spot for Nora's suspenseful tales.
  • As a big fan of Nora Roberts, I usually enjoy her books. However, the main male character in 'Genuine Lies' was quite repulsive and had tendencies that made me uncomfortable, particularly in relation to consent. Throughout the story, I kept hoping for a plot twist where we discover him to be the true antagonist. Moreover, I found it challenging to connect with any of the characters on an emotional level. Overall, this book left me feeling disappointed.