Green River, Running Red Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule

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In the most extraordinary book Ann Rule has ever undertaken, America's master of true crime has spent more than two decades researching the story of the Green River Killer, who murdered more than forty-nine young women. The quest to discover the most prolific serial killer in American history has been an intimate part of Ann Rule's life, with some of the corpses found only a mile or so from where she lived and raised her own daughters. She did not know the killer, but he apparently knew her and attended many of her book signings.



  • I'm a huge fan of Ann Rule and her ability to consistently deliver gripping true crime stories. "Green River, Running Red" showcases her impeccable research skills, as she delves into the lives of the victims of the Green River Killer rather than focusing solely on the killer himself. This departure from her usual approach adds a unique twist to the narrative. Reading about the young women and girls whose lives were tragically cut short is both captivating and heartbreaking. Rule provides detailed accounts of the detectives' work, the paths they pursued, and the suspects they interviewed in their efforts to uncover patterns in the killer's methods and victims. What's more, the narrator's voice resembles Ann Rule herself, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the audiobook experience.
  • Once you push through the excessively long descriptions, which the narrator's slow pace only amplifies, 'Green River, Running Red' becomes quite captivating. Despite having some free time, I was determined to stick with it, and I'm pleased that I did. If you enjoyed Rule's 'The Stranger Beside Me' or have a genuine curiosity about serial killers, I suggest giving this book a shot.