Harry Bosch Box Set: ‘The Narrows’, Echo Park’, and ‘The Overlook’ Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Harry Bosch Box Set: 'The Narrows', Echo Park', and 'The Overlook' by Michael Connelly

The readers can download Harry Bosch Box Set: 'The Narrows', Echo Park', and 'The Overlook' Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Includes the following Harry Bosch thrillers, award-winning and all voiced by standout Broadway veteran Len Cariou:



  • Since I came across Michael Connelly's work not too long ago, I've been immersing myself in his books. They are all absolutely exceptional, despite the fact that I haven't been going through them in the intended order. While Len Cariou does a decent job narrating, I personally have a strong preference for Peter Giles, who narrates the Mickey Haller books. I feel that Len makes Harry Bosch sound a bit too aged and struggles with the female voices. On the other hand, Peter Giles effortlessly transitions between characters. Nevertheless, I'm eagerly anticipating the chance to listen to the rest of Connelly's books.
  • I'm not really into the whole new technology thing, just like Harry Bosch. The problem with these three books is that they don't appear as separate books when you download them on your iPod. Trying to locate the start of the second and third book feels like trying to solve a mystery. I've already wasted thirty minutes just trying to find Echo Park.