Healing from a Narcissistic Relationship: A Caretaker’s Guide to Recovery, Empowerment, and Transformation Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Healing from a Narcissistic Relationship: A Caretaker's Guide to Recovery, Empowerment, and Transformation by Margalis Fjelstad

The readers can download Healing from a Narcissistic Relationship: A Caretaker's Guide to Recovery, Empowerment, and Transformation Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


When a relationship with a narcissist ends, the caretaking partner is often left confused, deeply hurt, and often still emotionally connected, while the narcissist seems to easily move on to the next relationship. Healing from a Narcissistic Relationship offers guidance about what to expect as the relationship unravels and how to cope with the fallout. It also helps the reader learn to truly disengage and move through the grief process.




  • I'm telling you, this book is a lifesaver! It completely healed me from a really messed up relationship, and now I feel more alive than ever. Seriously, everyone needs to read this, especially if they're being manipulated by a narcissist. Trust me, you're not alone in this, and this book will give you the power to reclaim your life. It's a must-read, no doubt about it!
  • The aftermath of being in a narcissistic relationship is almost more intense than the initial impact. It's been almost two years since I ended it, but I still face constant struggles. In those difficult moments, I turn to this audiobook, and it's like having someone who truly comprehends my emotions and assists me in coping and recovering. I'm truly grateful for the support it provides.
  • This book really hit the mark when it comes to shedding light on the complexities of narcissistic abuse. It wasn't just informative, but also an engaging and compelling read. I can't stress enough how much it helped me during a challenging period in my life. I found it so valuable that I ended up giving it a second listen. Five stars all the way!
  • I never would've guessed that I was actually involved in a narcissistic relationship until I was completely discarded. It completely caught me off guard and left me feeling utterly lost. However, thanks to this book, I managed to find my way out and receive the guidance I needed. I can't stress enough how much I recommend it. The section where the author discusses healing from the trauma of the abuse really resonated with me. I found myself listening to it multiple times because I truly needed that kind of support. This book is incredibly well-written and offers valuable insights into understanding the abuse and finding a path towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. I can't express enough gratitude for this gift of a book.
  • This book is really great. After a month of no contact, I realized how the person I was in a narcissistic relationship with had manipulated one of my family members into thinking that I was defective. I admit that I did lose my temper and explode verbally on three occasions due to the abuse, but I take responsibility for that. What I've learned from this experience is that everyone deserves some leeway, but continuous abuse and manipulation like this is completely unacceptable. I will never allow myself to be in a situation like this again. I fell for the story that her behavior was a result of her narcissistic ex, and as a co-dependent person, I wanted to help her. However, the positive aspect of all this is that it has given me an opportunity for personal growth. I'm reconnecting with people who treat me with care and compassion, without any abuse. I will take my time to heal so that I don't bring any emotional baggage to my next relationship. I'm not bitter, just emotionally numb, and I understand that healing is a process. I will grow and become a better person from this experience. I played a part in this as well. I didn't fully understand NPD and was naive, but now I know better than to allow or associate myself with such behavior. Before this relationship, I had been single for six years, which probably didn't help me. She was your typical textbook narcissist – excessively focused on her looks and achievements. Ironically, those two things were not a priority for me in a partner. I fell for her story of being a victim of abuse, only to later discover that she was the one who was abusive. Anyway, this book has helped me understand and put into words so many things that I couldn't articulate before. I do have compassion for her, but I also have compassion for sharks and snakes, yet I wouldn't hang out with them and expect not to get hurt. My prayers go out to everyone going through a similar situation. It will get better, especially if you start by cutting off all contact and stick to that.
  • I found this book to be extremely valuable in helping me identify personality traits associated with NPD and providing exercises to move forward from a narcissistic relationship. I must mention, as others have, that the consistent use of the pronoun "he" throughout the book was a trigger for me. My ex-narcissist, who was female, often used the "all men are scum" approach in her gaslighting techniques to make me feel unworthy and incapable of being the partner she desired. It was confusing because there were instances where the pronouns "they" and "the narcissist" were used, which were less triggering and allowed me to remain focused on the book's message instead of becoming defensive. The author did include a few examples of female narcissists, which I appreciated, but they made up only about 5% of the total examples. If the audio book were to be re-recorded, using "the narcissist" in all examples would be more beneficial. This term has a somewhat "inhuman" quality that helped me view my ex as a robotic figure devoid of empathy and love, aiding me in moving past her abuse. I gained valuable insights from this book, but as I continue my journey of investigation and healing, I will likely seek out an author who takes a more universal approach and provides a 50/50 ratio of examples relating to both male and female dynamics. As a once confident, happy, and successful man, I was left shattered by her abuse, and hearing more examples of how other men in similar situations healed would have been beneficial. Best of luck to all men and women out there who are recovering from this type of abuse.
  • The knowledge shared in this book is something that should be taught in schools, so that everyone can gain an understanding of these destructive personalities. It's important to recognize that no relationship with a narcissist can ever truly be fulfilling. It's crucial to be aware of the warning signs.
  • It's not every day that you come across a book that truly understands your circumstances and provides actionable advice for self-improvement. Dr. Fjelstad's expertise on this subject shines through in her book, which is a culmination of years of wisdom and understanding. In a world where information is abundant but wisdom is scarce, this book offers valuable insights that will help you navigate the complexities of healing from a narcissistic relationship. As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of growing up in a narcissistic family, I can confidently affirm that this book is not only helpful but also brimming with invaluable guidance.