Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose

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I believe we were put on this earth to enjoy lives of joy and abundance, and that is what I want for you and for me. It's not my intention to give people advice on how to solve their problems (I leave that to my husband). But I've had my share of struggles over the years, and I know a thing or two about what has worked for me. I have chosen to be an active participant in my life rather than a spectator, and in so doing I have chosen how to be a woman, how to be a wife, and how to be a mother in ways that are uniquely my own. I offer the stories of these choices as evidence of the power of sheer determination, will, and faith in God.


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  • I absolutely loved this book! I loved listening to Robin's voice and her accent. This book made me feel empowered as a woman. It made me fall in love with my husband again! I recommend this book to anyone... especially married woman.
  • I like Dr. Phil. I like his "Tell it like it is" attitude. It is probably something I could have used more when I was younger and single. I know people who went to his workshops in TX (talked about in this book) and they said their lives were changed by the experience. Let's face it, not every marriage works the same. Phil and Robin's marriage seems to have worked for them. Some may feel she's too dependent upon him but I don't get that impression. I feel she stands firmly on her own two feet and is comfortable in letting Phil believe he's the master of his own castle while she is really sitting on the throne. I liked the book. I learned a lot about Robin as an individual. I will say that after listening to her book I made an appointment with my gyn, my optomitrist, and my dentist. So thanks for that. It's nice to get a nudge!
  • I thought this book was very entertaining. I enjoyed the stories Robin recounts about her marriage and her family growing up. I would recommend this book to married women looking for stories and words of wisdom to strengthen their marriage.