Magic Tree House Collection: Books 1-8 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Magic Tree House Collection: Books 1-8 by Mary Pope Osborne

The readers can download Magic Tree House Collection: Books 1-8 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Books 1-8 of the New York Times bestselling Magic Tree House series plus an interview with Mary Pope Osborne!




  • I had a blast with The Magic Tree House collection! Despite being targeted towards younger children, I found them to be absolutely fantastic. These books are a delightful combination of fun and thrilling escapades that capture the spirit of two young children seeking adventure. I highly recommend this collection for young kids, especially based on how much my little brother adores it. And don't worry, even older sisters like me can find plenty of enjoyment in these stories! Jodie, 14 years old
  • I had high expectations for this audiobook, but I should have listened to a sample before purchasing. The author's narration has a feminine, melodic tone and lacks emphasis or emotion. It may be suitable for younger children, but I'm trying to cater to the preferences of my 5 and 7-year-old boys. My 7-year-old has devoured numerous printed books from this series, and we thoroughly enjoyed them. However, listening to the audiobook highlights the simplistic vocabulary used (he said / she said / I said, look over there / she said, where over there... ugh). Although the boys haven't asked me to turn it off, they aren't particularly enthused. The narration feels juvenile and more geared towards girls, which is a disappointment considering how excellent the printed books are.