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Total Control by David Baldacci

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This classic Baldacci thriller from 1997 is finally back - in unabridged audio and available on CD and Download!



  • This book, 'Total Control', has an extensive cast of characters, making it essential to pay close attention to their names and roles to fully grasp the intricate and captivating storyline. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride, with several plot twists that keep you guessing until the very end. The introduction of new characters adds a fresh perspective, leaving you uncertain about the ultimate outcome of the tale. The audiobook is narrated by a highly skilled individual who expertly handles the voices of the various characters, providing enough variation to easily identify who is speaking. While other books by this author often utilize two readers, one male and one female, with more noticeable differences in vocal tone, the solo narration in this case was still satisfactory, with the narrator's voice being quite pleasant. As someone who has read many of David Baldacci's books, most of which are part of a series, 'Total Control' stands out as a standalone novel. The story is well-crafted and makes for an enjoyable reading experience.
  • The two primary characters are, if we're being honest, quite sentimental and unintelligent, which is necessary to support this incredibly feeble plot. By the time I reached the concluding sections, I couldn't even bring myself to complete the book because my willingness to believe in it had been pushed to its limits. The narrator did a decent job, although it's a shame that the material he had to work with lacked depth.