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Red Rising by Pierce Brown

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Red Rising Audiobook by Pierce Brown is a science fiction novel and the first book in the Red Rising Saga series. The story is set on the planet Mars which has been colonized by humans. There is a strict hierarchy in the planet which is ruled by the Golds in accordance with strict rules and regulations. Darrow the protagonist is a red which is the lowest of the servant class. They reds live beneath the surface of Mars and mine helium 3 to make the planet habitable.

The reds are made to believe that their pains and sacrifices will lead to the creation of a better future for their next generations. The reds are virtually untouchables in the hierarchy system. Darrow lives with her wife Eo. Both of them are caught in a forbidden area in the planet and Eo is punished by hanging. Darrow seeks vengeance for the hanging of his wife. He decides to infiltrate the Gold society and take revenge from them.

He is helped by Mickey a violet carver who transforms him through painful surgeries and treatments and gives Darrow the appearance of a Gold. He is enrolled into the institute which molds future leaders of the Gold society. He passes the tests and comes out successful. Darrow also starts learning about the lies which have been told about the Gold society. He learns about the social order and the hypocrisies of the ruling Gold elite. He comes to know about the true nature of enslavement of his people which is depicted in a riveting manner by the author.


Red Rising Audiobook by Pierce BrownText was received positively by the readers and the critics. It was also in the New York Best Sellers list. The author has ironically portrayed the hierarchy of the classes and the discrimination and exclusion faced by the lower classes. The character of the protagonist Darrow is developed and described in detail by the author. The readers can relate to Darrow and will end up cheering for him.

The story has twists and turns and moves forward swiftly and keeps the readers engaged till the climax. The author has sketched the story of vengeance, warfare, and quest for power in a magnificent manner. The readers having an interest in the sci-fi genre and warfare mystery books will find this novel irresistible. This novel is a recommended read.

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