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Shadow Prey by John Sandford

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In Shadow Prey , the crackling sequel to Rules of Prey , Twin Cities Sleuth Lucas Davenport teams up with NYPD lieutenant Lily Rothenberg to track down an elusive killer, known only as Shadow Love. Among the victims: A Minneapolis slumlord, A judge from Oklahoma City, A Manhattan politician. The Murder weapon: A Native American ceremonial Knife.



  • "Shadow Prey" is hands down the best novel penned by John Sandford. Once you start reading it, there's absolutely no way you can tear yourself away. The way he writes is truly exceptional.
  • If it wasn't for the excessive amount of vulgar language, I would have really liked this book. It just goes way overboard when a smaller amount would have been more bearable. I also couldn't help but cringe every time the author used Our Lord's name in such disrespectful ways; it almost seems like they were intentionally trying to upset the reader.