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The Breach

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Thirty years ago, in a facility buried beneath a vast Wyoming emptiness, an experiment gone awry accidentally opened a door.



  • When I decided to download "The Breach," I was a bit hesitant due to my past encounters with books narrated by the authors themselves. However, Riggleman completely surpassed my expectations and delivered an outstanding performance. The genuine and heartfelt delivery of his words through our earbuds or headphones enhances the brilliance of this remarkable book. Co-author Hunter Walker deserves immense praise for skillfully assisting Riggleman in telling a complex and comprehensive story without overshadowing his unique voice, personality, and passion. I will definitely keep an eye out for Walker's name in future books and have already set up notifications for upcoming releases that he collaborates on, on the platforms where I usually make my purchases.
  • Riggleman's frank retellings of his experiences and observations as a member of the January 6th committee are truly refreshing. It becomes evident through his account that he faced considerable obstacles imposed by the individuals leading the committee. I'm eager to uncover further insights into this matter as time progresses.
  • Every individual who identifies themselves as a Republican should definitely give this book a read (or better yet, a listen). Denver's candidness about his personal prejudices is commendable, and it was only through gaining knowledge that he managed to overcome them. I am grateful to have him as an ally in the struggle, but it's disheartening that there aren't more people like him.
  • This book is absolutely amazing! Ginny Thomas seriously deserves to be behind bars! It's mind-blowing how utterly bonkers someone like her managed to send text messages and make phone calls to the highest echelons of government! I was completely oblivious to it all until now.
  • Riggleman's book, "The Breach," serves as an eye-opening account of the January 6th attack on the capital. It is a vital read for every American. Riggleman, with his extensive background in military intelligence, was responsible for gathering and analyzing data for the January 6th investigative Committee. He skillfully led a team that collected and analyzed phone and online data linked to the attack. In a straightforward manner, Riggleman presents the data and provides a clear understanding of the individuals involved and their roles. The book is free from any political bias and offers honest criticism of both Republican and Democratic efforts surrounding the events. Riggleman acknowledges the challenges he faced in obtaining all the necessary data and highlights the issues within the committee. However, his main focus remains on the leadership of the right, who bear the greatest responsibility for planning and executing this dangerous attempted coup, as well as the subsequent cover-up. "The Breach" is a must-read for anyone who has a deep love for this country.
  • This book, in my opinion, is the ultimate portrayal of the investigation into the events of January 6th. It offers an unparalleled level of detail and provides an honest account of what transpired.
  • This audiobook is truly significant in terms of historical context. It explores a fascinating concept known as the "Butterfly Effect" where small ideas, under the right circumstances, can evolve and lead to the chaotic situations that have captivated our attention.
  • I really appreciate the author's willingness to share their perspective and insights. I firmly believe that relying on solid data is more effective in conveying the truth compared to simply repeating what others say on TV or the internet. Moreover, I found the author's approach to delivering a rational analysis of their team's discoveries to be very meticulous. However, I would have liked to delve deeper into their data analysis and experience more of the excitement they felt during their findings. While the author's personal story was moving, I felt that it included too many personal details that detracted from the main focus of the January 6 attack and those involved. There were too many distractions with what I considered to be insignificant details. Nonetheless, I did learn some new facts, although not as many as I had hoped for. I do appreciate any author's attempt to share their viewpoints without disregarding others as misguided or wrong. Although I didn't find the book as captivating as I had hoped, I did manage to finish it, which indicates that it was intellectually honest in its writing. So, even though I would have liked to give it a stronger review, I acknowledge the author's courage in writing this book and will give it a passing grade. I'll also be looking forward to reading their next book when it is released.
  • I absolutely adored listening to the author narrate 'The Breach', as it added a personal touch to the captivating story. Exploring the hidden workings behind the scenes was truly fascinating. Additionally, the book unveiled intriguing information that the mainstream media failed to cover. Overall, I wholeheartedly loved this book and highly recommend it.
  • You get caught up in this one, that's for sure. If you liked Fringe, you'll probably like Breach. At the very end, I felt the science and main character, Travis, were both implausible, but didn't realize how much so during the book. The plot, science and characters are compelling and sweep you along for the ride. The ending is clever and unexpected, if unrealistic, so overall, it's a good book. It's also packed with violence, which the ending twist reveals as unnecessary, leaving you wondering what all that was about. Perhaps the second book explains more about why. I'll probably listen to it to find out...
  • Good book. Read it a few years ago and just finished reading it again. As much fun as the first time! Great person reading it too. Fits what my mind thinks the characters should sound like.