The Glass Rainbow: A Dave Robicheaux Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Glass Rainbow: A Dave Robicheaux Novel

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James Lee Burke's eagerly awaited new novel finds Detective Dave Robicheaux back in New Iberia, Louisiana, and embroiled in the most harrowing and dangerous case of his career.



  • I've really dug all of Burke's books, especially the ones featuring Robicheaux, but this one just went a bit too far, ya know? I get that these words (maybe I can't even spell 'em myself) were meant to fit in with the whole New Iberia vibe, but they were just too out there. Ipistomalagical, syberetic, recidivest, lunatical vacuity...come on! And don't even get me started on that mythological ending.
  • I always make sure to get my hands on Dave's stories as soon as they release, and let me tell you, Will Patton's performance is top-notch. The sense of impending doom in this particular installment is present from the beginning and maintains its intensity throughout. It feels like these two older gentlemen, both in their sixties, are reaching the end of their journey and might want to consider settling down with a rocking chair or even hopping on a Paddle Riverboat. Jim, thank you for the fantastic moments you've given us.
  • Firstly, let me start by saying, Will Patton, come to Louisiana. No one says "Pe-CAN." The folks from the Irish Channel don't sound like super energetic junkies. It ain't Georgia or Kentucky or wherever that accent comes from. I had mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, Burke's writing has never been better. His descriptions, observations, metaphors, and pretty much everything else are downright breathtaking. It's worth reading for that alone. The plot is strong, although it feels a bit lacking at times, and the recurring themes, while starting to sound familiar, are skillfully explored. The pacing keeps you hooked, making it hard to put down in the final stretch of the novel. On the other hand, some parts are just plain strange. The supernatural elements almost veer into sci-fi territory, without serving much purpose other than what could have been achieved through metaphor. It's not a deal-breaker, but it does distract from a book that aims to expose the gritty reality of evil. Some of the cliché phrases have become tiresome—how does everyone in the universe know what "Take the mashed potatoes out of your mouth" means, and when and how to use it, anyway? Every character, regardless of their background, sounds like Dave. You'll recognize every character type and profile from his previous books too. And in the end, I felt there were unresolved issues, as if Burke needed to either add a bit more or trim it down a bit. But really, who cares? Burke is an amazing writer who should be savored and enjoyed. This book is his darkest and most introspective work yet, delving into emotions and fears that Burke seems to have a rare insight into. You simply have to read it.
  • I'm new to James Lee Burke's work, but decided to give it a shot after reading some positive reviews. I must say, Will Patton did a pretty solid job, but I wouldn't necessarily call him the best audiobook reader I've ever heard (although he's definitely a fantastic actor). Now, let's talk about the, it's on a whole other level. Burke is like a poetic master with his vivid descriptions. I absolutely adored the characters, the settings, and his unique writing style. This was a delightful experience, and I'm seriously thinking about going back and checking out his previous book that everyone raved about. This is seriously good stuff!
  • Will Patton, you're amazing. Your talent for voicing the characters in this book, especially Dave and Clete, is truly impressive. I highly recommend this one, as it's my favorite in the series. I first got hooked on the series with Tin Roof Blowdown. Mr. Burke, you really brought out the best in Clete this time. This book evoked a wide range of emotions in me. I found myself laughing, feeling excited during certain scenes, and even shedding a few tears. If I had the option, I'd give it a perfect 10 stars. The dynamic duo from the homicide department is unbeatable, but there are also plenty of other fantastic characters like Sheriff Helen Swallow. There's so much more I could say, but just give this book a read, my friend. Trust me, it's worth it.
  • The Glass Rainbow delivers all the elements you anticipate in a Dave Robicheaux novel. You've got the intense personal struggles of Clete and Dave as they team up to crack these gruesome homicides, the unwavering support of Dave's wife who keeps him level-headed, and of course, the mind-bending surprises that unravel the identity of the killer. Without a doubt, this installment takes the crown as his finest work to date!
  • I'm a huge fan of James Lee Burke and have devoured all of his writings, including his short stories. Naturally, I was eagerly anticipating "The Glass Rainbow: A Dave Robicheaux Novel." However, this was my first time experiencing a Burke book through an audiobook format, and I must admit, Will Patton's narration almost spoiled the entire experience for me. Having lived in south Louisiana for nearly a decade, with four of those years spent in New Iberia, I can confidently say that no one sounds like Will Patton in that region. His attempt at a southern accent feels far from authentic and ended up being quite distracting.
  • Over the past three years, I've delved into the works of various authors like Bryce Courtenay, Steig Larsson, PD James, Craig Johnson, Ken Follett, Dan Brown, Gregory David Roberts, and more. I've been captivated by countless gripping tales and have genuinely immersed myself in each character's journey. However, none of these authors can hold a candle to James Lee Burke, and no narrator can compare to the incredible Will Patton. It's truly bittersweet to bid farewell to this particular story. Without a doubt, this is Burke's finest work and quite possibly the greatest book I've ever had the pleasure of reading! It left me absolutely speechless. Here's to the timeless legacy of James Lee Burke! Here's to the brilliance of Will Patton! Here's to the enduring spirit of Dave and Cletis!
  • Burke is absolutely killing it, and Patton really delivers the goods. I'm definitely on board with the other reviewers who think this might be the best book in the whole series. It really hits you right in the feels and for those of us who are around the same age as Clete and Dave, we might even see ourselves reflected in their struggles. The friendship between Dave and Clete is front and center, and the idea of loyalty and devotion really shines through. Clete, who has always been my favorite character, practically jumps off the pages. We really get a clear picture of what drives Dave to drink and what could push him back down that path again. Helen Swallow also gets some great development in this book. Oddly enough, Molly remains a bit undefined, and Alafair's growth feels a bit predictable. No crazy nutria attacks in this one. I can't help but wonder if that means something. Instead, we get blue herons. The blue heron can be a symbol of someone taking control of their own life. It can also represent the need to assert ourselves and follow our own unique path. The symbolism really works on multiple levels, impacting not only Clete and some of the antagonists but other characters as well. And then there's the ending, which hits you like a tsunami. It completely flips your emotions upside down and leaves you stunned in your seat. Only a master like Burke could create an ending so emotionally and metaphysically powerful. Don't hold back; let yourself fully experience the raw emotional force with your whole heart (and your head too).