The Great Alone Audiobook by Kristin Hannah [Free Download by Trial]

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The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

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The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah is a story about a family in crisis and a young girl struggling to survive in the edge of the world-Alaska. Moving from one place to another has become normal for Leni Allbright and her mother Cora. Enrt, Leni’s father was a POW of the Vietnam war after which the family kept shifting their base. Moving to Alaska was an extreme decision for the thirteen-year-old Leni and her family. They move to Alaska and get a warm welcome. Ernt is looking for isolation but Leni wants to explore and enjoy her new home-Alaska.

At first, the family finds their new home nice due to the 18 hour long sunlit summer days and the hospitality fo the locals. However, the winters are harsh and the family was afraid of running out of resources. The continuous dark of the winter has an adverse impact on Ernt. He starts becoming more paranoid and unpredictable. The family finds the dangers within their house much more grave than the dangers of the outside world. The family reaches their breaking point.

Leni has a growing relationship with her neighbor Matthew Walker. Ernt learns about it and does not take it nicely. Over the years, the choices which each one of them will make will shape their future some for good and others for worse. The family will also learn the truth that other Alaskan residents learn- they are on their own in this wilderness and there is no one to save them this far from the world.


The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah received critical acclaim from the critics and the readers. The author masterly depicts multi-layered love stories in the novel. The love story between Ernt and Cora, the new blooming love between Leni and Matthew and the love which Leni has for her family. The characters are so well developed and detailed that the readers will instantly form a bond with them.

The narrative is simple yet powerful and drives the story forward. It is an epic story of human survival and a family tested beyond its endurance. This is a truly unputdownable novel and a definite pageturner. It is a lovely and fantastic novel which should not be missed.

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