The Land: Forging Audiobook by Aleron Kong [Free Download by Trial]

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The Land: Forging: Chaos Seeds, Book 2 by Aleron Kong

The readers can download The Land: Forging: Chaos Seeds, Book 2 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Land: Forging: Chaos Seeds, Book 2 Audiobook by Aleron Kong is the second book of the Chaos Seeds series and belongs to the Literary Role Playing Genre (LitRPG). the book starts immediately where the first book of the series ended. Richter is tricked into a world of banished gods, demons, goblins, spirits and magic.

He must quickly learn to meet the perils of the land and start to forge his own kingdom. His actions have consequences and powerful creatures and factions in The Land are after Richter, seeking to destroy him. Richter may have to forge alliances in order to survive in this harsh and dark world or he may fall to the dark denizens of this ancient and unforgiving realm.

The book is about how the choices of Richter will shape the future of The Land and its residents. In between making his choices, how will Richter ensure that he does not become a part of what he is seeking to destroy?


The Land: Forging: Chaos Seeds, Book 2 Audiobook by Aleron Kong is an interesting LitRPG genre book. The book has its fair share of mystery, destruction, violence, and magic. There are frequent light-hearted conversations among the characters. The author introduces some new and interesting characters also in the second book of the series. The book is bigger and darker than the first book. The characters have significantly developed from the first book of the series. The storyline has more weight and flesh to it. The author has nicely portrayed the bonding and the emotional relationships between the characters. The readers will also relate to and bond with the characters and their storyline.

The author has added some back stories to the characters which provide more insight into them. The plot is fast-paced and moves forward with plenty of twists and turns. This will keep the readers engaged till the climax. The book is more refined and considerably better than the first book of the series.

The author also does a good job of closing most of the events which unfold in the plot. The book can be read by the readers having interest in the genre and they will definitely enjoy this fun read.

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