The Obesity Code Audiobook by Dr. Jason Fung [Free Download by Trial]

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The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Dr. Jason Fung

The readers can download The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss Audiobook by Dr. Jason Fung is a book that deals with the problems of obesity and the factors that cause it. It is also a guide to recommend you the way to fight obesity and lose way in an effective manner.

The book will provide an deep insight on the effects of insulin and insulin resistance in our organisms. The insulin taking and the resistance of the body to accept it will cause a neglation in our system even though we plan our diet and meals carefully. These situations are inevitable and due to them the book comes out to the public. The reading and application of the aspects mentioned in the book, about the effects generated by insulin and the resistance to this substance, will provide an efficient way to take advantage of the intaking of insulin in order to get a physically fit organism. The book does not provide a fast way of losing weight, but it will help increasing the chances to get a healthier body by discipline and perseverance.

The content of each chapter will tell you new secrets in order to help you gain control of your mind in the intaking of certain food that will provide the necessary amount of insulin requires to keep you body in a good and healthy way and controlling your weight on a regular basis. Following the techniques provided in this material, you will enjoy your life without any more fears and insecurities.


The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss Audiobook by Dr. Jason Fung was was originally published in March 2016 in a 296 edition with a foreword made by Thimothy Oakes; and the audiobook version has been available since December 2016. The book has been the number one best seller in the area of Diet and Nutrition. Although the book is written bu a specialist in the nutrition area, the reading is easy to follow with a clear language about all the problems obesity could bring and provides with efficient solutions proved by the author with his own patients in his hometown in Canada.


What is your professional opinion on Jason Fung's advice of following a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting?

Like Fung, I “know” the majority of diabetics can “cure” themselves thru diet.But, may I add a new factor into the mix?I have issues about people having higher than “normal” insulin levels even with being on a keto diet.Yes I understand “gluconeogenesis”.But I’m not buying it as so few people display it.Why yes, it “could” be something genetic.However, I believe the more likely cause is gut bacteria.For diabetics with issues normalizing insulin leveling, I think you have a gut bug that has the ability of digesting fiber into sugars.In the keto diet we’re able to subtract fiber grams from total carbs as it’s not. (Greg Steele, Master Cleanse, liver flush, partaking of the poison Iodine, alternative health.)

Some authors such as Dr. Jason Fung argue that the Carbohydrate Hypothesis is incomplete and that insulin resistance is the issue. What do you say?

Yes insulin resistance is the issue, as all the chronic diseases that associate with obesity and that we’re trying to prevent and delay are highly associated with insulin resistance if not fundamentally insulin-resistance conditions.(Gary Taubes, Journalist, author The Case Against Sugar, NuSi co-founder)

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