The Scarlet Thread Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Scarlet Thread by Francine Rivers

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Two women, centuries apart, are joined through a tattered journal as they contend with God, husbands, and even themselves . . . until they fall into the arms of the One who loves them unconditionally. Sierra MadridÂ's life has just been turned upside down when she discovers the handcrafted quilt and journal of her ancestor Mary Kathryn McMurray, a young woman who was uprooted from her home only to endure harsh conditions on the Oregon Trail. Though the women are separated by time and circumstance, Sierra discovers that many of the issues they face are remarkably similar. By following Mary KathrynÂ's example, Sierra learns to surrender to GodÂ's sovereignty and unconditional love.



  • This audiobook has been quite a difficult listen for me. It hits close to home because I can relate to many of the characters and their stories, both male and female. It brings up a lot of shame and pain surrounding my own life experiences, from being an abused child to struggling with mental health issues and the associated stigma. Despite having a relationship with God, I sometimes feel like I'm missing the point. I can't help but feel like I'm being punished and that my flaws, such as stubbornness and pride, are causing me harm. The abuse I endured has never been acknowledged or apologized for, leaving me with a sense of injustice. I've worked hard on my healing journey, seeking forgiveness and showing compassion towards those who hurt me, but now the turmoil in my second marriage has stirred up old wounds in a different way. I question whether it's my own mental health confusing my spirit or my soul being deceived. This story has evoked intense emotions in me, leading me to cry out to God for clarity and a sense of His love, just as the character Sierra experiences in her relationship with Jesus. I long for a reconciliation and redemption in my own life and marriage. Perhaps this book is part of my journey, along with "Lineage of Grace" and "Redeeming Love," all of which have uplifting conclusions centered around love for Christ and husbands. It's possible that I need to strengthen my faith, spend more time reading the Bible, or seek guidance from Francine Rivers to find the clarity I desire. Or maybe it's something that will only become clear when I meet my maker. Regardless, I want to express my gratitude to Francine Rivers for stirring my soul and allowing God to speak through her books. I'm open to any Scriptures, storylines, or insights that can help me hear what I need to hear and apply it to my own life. I trust that God will guide me on this journey, if it is His will.
  • The Scarlet Thread is a captivating audiobook that beautifully weaves together two parallel stories, evoking both happiness and sorrow in the listener. The relatable characters resemble the people we encounter in our everyday lives, facing similar challenges and struggles. The performances in this audio version are superb, and the incorporation of scriptural references is done with precision. It's a truly enjoyable experience that leaves one yearning to emulate the admirable example set within the story.
  • The Scarlet Thread is a captivating tale that beautifully weaves together the lives of Mary-Katherine and Sierra. Their stories delve into a multitude of relatable, real-life struggles. This book serves as an inspiration, urging readers to introspect and discover that the key to a successful marriage lies in having Jesus as the focal point. It is truly a remarkable love story.