The Wife Between Us Audiobook by Sarah Pekkanen [Free Download by Trial]

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The Wife Between Us

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The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen is a chilling thriller genre novel. Richard, his ex-wife Vanessa and his love interest Nelly are the central characters of the novel. A successful man, his bitter ex-wife who is desperate to stop his remarriage to his beautiful love interest is the core plot of the novel. Vanessa is a native Floridian and she falls for Richard- a wealthy businessman.

Richard has a smooth talking and imposing personality. Vanessa has a dark secret from her college days. They get married and live an affluent life in New York. They eventually shift to a suburban mansion, where Vanessa finds difficulty in adjusting to. She is unable to find happiness and purpose of her life in their new home. She becomes gloomy and depressed and the marriage starts to fall apart.

Richard then falls for Nelly as his relationship with Vanessa has worsened considerably. The couple who were once in love now only share mistrust and resentment between them. Nelly is a pre Kindergarten teacher and she is preparing to marry Richard. Everything goes on smoothly but after some time she starts getting weird phone calls.

Vanessa is working as a sales associate and living with her aging aunt Charlotte. She is obsessed with Nelly and wants to make sure that Nelly and Richard do not get married. She can not stand the thought of another women in Richard’s life. It may look like Vanessa is acting like this due to jealousy, however, she has a far deeper motive than that.


The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen is a complex novel depicting the intricacies of relationships and betrayal. The authors use the unreliable narrator style to take the plot forward. The writing is fast-paced and filled with unexpected twists and turns which will keep the readers engrossed till the end.

The characters are developed nicely by the authors and they detail the motivations of the characters to act in the way they do in the novel. The suspense and the tension builds gradually in the plot and the readers will not be able to predict the ending. This is a razor-sharp thriller novel and is a recommended read.

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