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White hot

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When she hears that her younger brother Danny has committed suicide, Sayre Lynch relinquishes her vow never to return to Destiny, the small Louisiana town in which she grew up. She plans to leave immediately after the funeral, but soon finds herself drawn into the web cast by Huff Hoyle, her controlling and tyrannical father. Hoyle owns the town's sole industry and runs the lives of everyone who lives there. Her father and older brother, Chris, are as devious as ever with their new partner-in-crime, a disarming lawyer named Beck Merchant. When Sayre is thrown in closer contact with Beck, she senses something more sinister is at play. As she sets out to learn just what did happen to Danny, Sayre is inextricably drawn into a struggle with striking laborers, her unscrupulous father, and her growing love/hate relationship with Beck -- a man with mysteries of his own. A brilliant combination of hard-edged suspense and intense emotion, White Hot is master storyteller Sandra Brown at her very best.


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  • I had high hopes for this series, but unfortunately, it didn't quite click with me. While I can acknowledge that many others might find it amazing, personally, I couldn't find myself getting excited about the book. That being said, the characters, particularly Nevada, the protagonist, are incredibly well-developed. The plot is outstanding, but somehow it fails to fully come together for me. The chemistry between Nevada and Rogan didn't live up to my expectations. Although I returned the first book, I had already purchased the other two and I'm still undecided about them. I will admit that the third book stands out as the strongest of the three, and the authors were starting to find their rhythm.
  • The worlds crafted by Ilona Andrews truly captivate my imagination, while the characters effortlessly hold my attention. Normally, I'm a fast reader/listener, quickly moving on from one book to the next. However, whenever I delve into an Ilona Andrews novel, I find myself facing a dilemma. On one hand, I'm compelled to devour the pages, eager to uncover where the story will lead. But on the other hand, the stories are so engrossing that I want to savor each and every moment. Furthermore, I've discovered little gems scattered throughout the narrative that only reveal their significance much later on. As a result, I have come to the conclusion, unlike any other, that periodically revisiting these stories through rereading or relistening is an absolute must. Especially during times of stress, these books are an excellent choice to find solace and escape. And let's not forget the invaluable contribution of the skillful narrator, who adds an extra layer of enjoyment to this delightful indulgence. Don't miss out on these incredible stories!
  • Renee Raudman's narration provided me with a unique way to experience the book, immersing myself in a fantastical and adventurous world while carrying out my daily tasks. Despite not being a fan of Rogan's voice, it didn't match the mental image I had of him, I still enjoyed listening to it. From the very first book, I sensed there was something extraordinary about Nevada, even though she didn't see it herself. She appeared to be an untamed and untapped force, lacking any significant connections or family power beyond their small PI business. However, as we delve into the second book of the series, we discover that there's much more to Nevada than meets the eye, and there are others who desire what she possesses. This installment by Ilona Andrews is truly unique, entangling readers in a web of intensity. It offers a captivating production filled with a variety of elements such as monsters, mages, both good and bad individuals, family, allies, and mysterious characters that defy classification. Within this world, readers will find a compelling blend of romance, action, drama, and fantasy revolving around the intriguing characters of Rogan and Nevada, as well as the revelation of some long-kept secrets. I highly recommend picking up this book and giving it a read, maybe even revisiting it later. I never doubted that I would fall in love with this book. The first book had a slow and steady pace that drew me in, and this second book grabbed hold of me tightly, leaving me eagerly anticipating the third installment, "Wildfire." Ilona Andrews never fails to deliver with their books, and with each new series they create, they introduce readers to new worlds and exciting adventures that never fail to captivate and inspire. Their seamless blend of action, drama, romance, and urban fantasy adds an extra layer of excitement to the reading experience, making it truly enriching.