The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6

The readers can download The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The complete soundtrack from the phenomenally popular PBS series whose message about myth, ritual, and spiritual potentialities exhilarated millions of people.




  • If you're looking to gain a deeper understanding of the profound interconnectedness of our world, this audiobook proves to be highly beneficial. It encourages listeners to shift their attention towards the commonalities that exist among different faiths, rather than fixating on the differences.
  • If you're up for the challenge and don't mind putting in the effort to unravel its teachings, 'The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6' has plenty of valuable lessons. However, I had anticipated a more clear-cut and concise approach.
  • For those interested in diving into the history of their religion and exploring the interconnectedness between different faiths, 'The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6' is a fantastic resource. It offers an enlightening journey that connects the dots and provides a valuable lesson in religious history.
  • Moyers and Campbell really nailed it with 'The Power of Myth: Programs 1-6'. They did a fantastic job of taking a complex topic and making it accessible to a wider audience. This has got to be one of the top programs I've listened to this year (and trust me, I've listened to a lot). I'll definitely be on the lookout for similar gems in the future.
  • No matter what you're able to take away from Joseph Campbell's teachings, it's immensely valuable. Understanding that events and stories from the past were often conveyed through metaphor can offer insight into various aspects of life. It reveals the origins of countless narratives, films, and even our own behaviors. Maybe a modernized version would be more appealing to newcomers, but if you're not familiar with it yet, this is another one to add to your repertoire!
  • If it was just Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyer having a conversation, it would have been great. However, the audio book includes tacky sound effects from the 80s that are absolutely awful and take away from the overall experience.
  • Wow, these interviews are truly something! I'm just getting into Hero with a Thousand Faces, and these discussions were just what I needed to get my mind and taste buds prepared for it. It's important to note that these interviews don't serve as a replacement for the book, but they touch on a wide range of subjects, all of which left a deep impact on me. Kudos to Bill Moyers too, who clearly had a solid understanding of the subject matter. He did an excellent job as the interviewer.
  • Whenever I listen to Joseph Campbell, it's like I can feel a divine presence giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek. His profound sense of spirituality, untethered from any religious dogma, is truly invigorating.