Year One: Chronicles of The One Audiobook by Nora Roberts [Download]

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Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1 by Nora Roberts

The readers can download Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1 by Nora Roberts is the first book in the Chronicles of the One series. The plot opens on the new year eve in the remote countryside of Scotland where Rory McLeod shoots a pheasant. The bird collides with a crow and lands in an ancient stone circle. This seems like an innocuous action at first, however, that one drop brings about a civilization-ending virus which later becomes knows as ‘The Doom’.

The Doom is a dangerous plague which eventually kills people in a few days. It spreads like wildfire and ends up claiming the lives of 2 billion of the total world population. A pandemic of this epic proportions was unseen in the history of human civilization. There is no cure to be found either.

The virus is not only killing people but it is changing them also and unlocking supernatural powers within them. These people do not know how they got their superpowers and are referred to as the ‘Uncanny’. People are fleeing in search of safe haven to begin a new life. Lana and his partner Max are two witches who are also part of the fleeing group. Soon Lana finds that she is pregnant and shared the news with Max.

The forces of evil soon show up to take Lana and destroy her baby who is expected to lead the forces of good. She runs and takes shelter in a safer place. She meets Simon who promises to protect her. Once the baby is born, a mysterious man turns up and tells Lana about the significance of the child’s birth.


Year One: Chronicles of The One, Book 1 by Nora Roberts is a craftily written novel. The author depicts a post-apocalyptic world in a realistic yet riveting manner. The characters and their portrayal are top class which helps the readers develop a bond with them.

The story is fast paced and full of unpredictable twists and turns which make it an engrossing read. The novel is unputdownable and commands the reader’s attention. This is a must-read for Nora Roberts fan and for readers interested in science fiction and fantasy genre.