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«To the utter amazement and absolute shock of everyone I know — including me — I became an author. An author? I never wanted to be an author. I thought authors were just a bunch of dead people. Okay, sometimes I'm brain-dead (does that count?). As a child, I wasn't a reader. You’ve heard of reluctant readers? I was a recalcitrant reader. You couldn’t make me read. Reading was boring. I never read a book for fun until seventh grade when I discovered the Beany Malone books by Lenora Mattingly Weber. I loved them. Beany was real; she was alive, and she even had freckles. Every week I would rush to the Clear Lake Junior High library to check out the next book in the Beany Malone series, and if somebody else already had it I would reread one of the Beany books I'd already read -- over and over again. When you discover the joy of reading, your mind opens to a world of wondrous discoveries and infinite possibilities. My greatest joy is when I hear from young people who say they've never been readers until they found my books.»

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Last important news

My brand spanking new YA novel, Lies My Girlfriend Told Me, is now out. You can buy it in hardcover, e-reader, or audio book. Link to a summary and an excerpt.

I do hope you’ll purchase this book because it’s the last one I’m going to write. I’ve retired from writing and am now working full-time with the Colorado Reading Corps tutoring kids to read up to their grade level. I figure if we don’t have readers, we don’t need writers.

Now would be a swell time to buy all my books and have the entire JAP Collection J.

The following books are now available on Amazon.com in Audible Edition:

— Luna

— Rage: A Love Story

— By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead

— Keeping You a Secret

My YA novel, It's Our Prom (So Deal With It), has been selected by the American Library Association for their 2013 Rainbow List. Thank you so much, committee members.

Turkish rights have been sold for By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead.

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