Lie to Me Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Lie to Me by J. T. Ellison

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Domestic noir at its best. Listeners will devour this stunning audiobook about the disintegration of a marriage as grief, jealousy, betrayal and murder destroy the facade of the perfect literary couple.



  • Reed and Emma's love story completely captured my heart. The intense chemistry between them, the romantic elements, and the heartbreak of Emma's devastating past were all beautifully portrayed. The author skillfully depicted the tender understanding, character growth, and ultimate healing and happiness of the characters. Molly McAdams also has a knack for incorporating family dynamics and friendships into her beloved narratives. The emotions are ever-present, with strong chemistry seamlessly woven into each poignant chapter, and a deep sense of love and tenderness permeating the entire gripping audiobook. The exceptional dual point of view narrative is brought to life by the talented voices of Savannah and Tim, who infuse the story with heart and soul, making it an incredibly enjoyable listen. Is it worth using a credit for? Absolutely, yes! Although, it's even better that it's available for free with Prime. However, I must warn you, this book is going to leave you with a serious book hangover.
  • In 'Lie to Me', the narrative revolves around several key individuals, namely Emma, Reed, Lala, and Nora. However, it is the dynamic between Reed and Emma that steals the show. Their love is not just ordinary; it is epic. Both characters are determined to experience a profound and soulful connection that leaves an indelible mark on their hearts. 💙💯🧡❤💛💙💓💞💕