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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon audiobook is the first book out of eight of the book series Outlander.

It all begins in 1945, when Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, just came back from war and decided to have a second honeymoon with her husband. They go to Scotland and one day, while they were in the outdoors, she goes to an ancient stone circle and walks through a standing stone. Abruptly, she is taken to 1734, and is a Sassenach or “outlander” in the Scotland of over 200 hundreds years before her time.

As she tries to understand what is going on, Claire involves with spies that may threaten her life and she meets an attractive Scots warrior called James Fraser, who falls in love with her and totally confuses her, because she doesn’t know if she should follow her instinct of be faithful to her husband.

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon audiobook is the novel that inaugurates the book series Outlander, which have a mixture of elements from different genres: romance, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction and mystery.

First we meet Claire, which a happily married combat nurse that is returning from war and decides to go on a trip with her husband to Scotland. Once they are there, one morning they see a group of women doing a ritual close to a stone circle. Curious, Claire goes back to the place later and walks through the circle. Suddenly, she is thrown back to the Scotland of 1743.

Confused, Claire does not know how to go back to her time and in the meantime she meets James Foster, who completely falls for her. While she keeps trying to go back home, her feelings for James start to bloom and she has to decide if she should remain faithful to a person she may never see again or accept that she will stay in that period forever, giving a relationship between her and James a try.

Outlander is a love story that mixes historical elements with fantastical ones. We see how our female protagonist has to face the conditions of the period, when women had few rights and depended almost entirely on men, while she tries to go back home and falls in love with James.

James is an absolute gentlemen, and not because he is wealthy, but because of his personality and character. He is loyal, protective, attentive and honorable. He is always looking after Claire and protecting her.

And talking about the characters, we have Randall, the villain of the story, a person you will surely completely hate after you meet him.

The most important element of the novel is the internal debate of Claire, who doesn’t know what is morally correct while being trapped in that period with no apparent possibilities of returning to the arms of her husband.

The only thing we wish the author had made was a deeper approach to the everyday activities of Claire, so we could see the impact of the differences between both time periods a little bit better.

Outlander audiobook is highly recommended to all of those who adore romance and historical fiction. Go download Outlander’s audiobook and check other projects related to it, like the TV series adaptation.


Is Outlander a cheesy love story?

Not at all. It a love story, yes, but it is not cheesy. The novel deals with other important topics like history, women’s rights, violence and sex.

Is the book Outlander appropriate for a teenager?

It depends on the age and the sensitivity of the person. Outlander includes explicit sex scenes, violent scenes and a homosexual rape scene.

How does Outlander compare to its book counterpart? In what ways is one better than the other?

There are certain differences between the TV series and the books, but in general the adaption is well made. I still prefer the books, because the TV series tends to focus only on certain aspects of Claire’s relationships.

Do I need to read Outlander to understand the following novels?

Yes, the plot of the Outlander series is a continuing story. If you only saw the TV series, you should still read the book because new characters are introduced in each novel and some events were omitted in the TV series.

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